ARC Review: KISS KISS BANG by Sidney Halston

December 02, 2017

Kiss Kiss Bang by Sidney Halston

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Six-foot-two and ripped...with superior computer skills, Josef “Joey” Clad is not your typical ex-Marine. The co-owner of Iron-Clad securities is 100% Alpha male, but under his muscular physique, he's the best hacker in Miami who specializes in running Iron-Clad's cyber ops. The perfect skill set for their new client who is getting threatening emails, a client who he definitely wants to get to know better. Much better.

Single mom, widow, Olivia Monroe has exceptional dreams that she refuses to let go of. Fifteen years ago, she left her broken home in New York City and never looked back. Now a dark horse candidate for Florida governor, she's not looking for a relationship. Even with the hot guy who sweeps in and saves her computer the night before a big speech. Her hero has trouble written all over him. Joey is too handsome, too funny, too confident, and way too hard to resist.

Too bad he's now her bodyguard.


My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Kiss Kiss Bang by Sidney Halston gets a very high 4-star rating. I had such a blast reading this! This author knows how to perfectly mesh suspense, romance and humor into one heck of an entertaining read. Some would say that Olivia and Joey’s meeting was a thing of fate. Her computer crashed and while waiting in a line going nowhere to get it fixed, it’s Joey to the rescue. That chance encounter led to the blossoming of something new and beautiful for both of them. And lucky for her. With a stalker on her tail, Joey couldn’t have happened into her life at a better time. As the co-owner of one of the most successful security companies around, he’s the perfect man to keep her and her daughter safe. Falling in love may not have been part of the plan, but it was a sweet bonus ;)

I adored Joey. He was everything I look for in a swoon-worthy hero. He was ex-military, alpha, incredibly intelligent, a hacker (I love those), sweet, considerate, charming, sexy, and his heart was in the right place. Olivia was a little harder to like, however, a lot of her resistance was understandable based on her history and the losses she already suffered. These two characters together were explosive and I loved watching them navigate their chemistry along the minefield of a five year old underfoot. It was so cute!

If you’re a fan of romantic suspense with touches of sweet and funny, you need to add this book to your list! This author doesn’t disappoint and her words will grab your attention from beginning to end.

Release Date: December 5, 2017
Genre: Romantic Suspense
POV: Dual - 3rd person
Heat: 4 out of 5
Type: Standalone - Book #3 of the Iron Clad Security series with character crossover

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