Review: Recovery by J.C. Harroway

January 01, 2017

Recovery by JC Harroway
My rating: 4 of 5 stars
Recovery #1
Release: August 15, 2016
Length: 280 pages

She can’t help but want him. But neither can his millions of fans.

With fame, fortune, looks and charisma, Nathan Banks may have it all. But Dr Sophia King wants nothing to do with him beyond treating him as any other patient.

A family scandal and a childhood of media intrusion have left the reserved doctor fiercely protective of her vulnerable family. But when a photo of Sophia and Nathan together strips away her anonymity and exposes past secrets, she must step into the limelight to protect her loved ones.

Intrigued by the man behind his famous persona, Sophia glimpses a life of fame and glamour she’s never coveted. But Nathan comes with baggage, and the screaming fans, the beautiful leading ladies and ruthless paparazzi are all part of the deal.

How much is Sophia willing to endure to be with the man she loves, and how much is Nathan willing to give up for the woman who has stolen his heart?

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My Review

There's something about reading books dealing with celebrities that really piques my interest. Sometimes, due to lack of authenticity or originality, they can be hit or miss. J.C. Harroway created a winner!!

For a debut novel, Harroway developed a sweet and romantic story that clutched my heart from the beginning and left a definite impact. Though it was light and fun, I'm still recovering lol. The characters, Nathan and Sophia, were realistic and surprisingly relevant. They had hopes and dreams and vulnerabilities and insecurities and issues. They were human. Their actions and reactions were real. Their relationship's evolution was real. Their love was definitely real. I loved the tension that ran throughout the story, from the first meeting until the end. And their chemistry... off-the-charts.

I would recommend this book to all contemporary romance lovers. No, it's not a deep tale or full of feels, but it is no less significant. Nathan was a RomCom heartthrob and this book actually read like one. I'm really excited to see what this author will come up with next.


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