Review: Anson by Maggie Ryan & Alta Hensley

Anson Anson by Alta Hensley
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

I've thoroughly enjoyed The Black Stallion series but I personally think that ANSON was the best of the bunch. The plot and dialogue between the characters were fluid, entertaining, and cohesive. The authors found a perfect way to balance romance with the suspenseful elements of the plot and made them believable. The characters themselves were intriguing and had me rooting for their safety and union from the get-go. Anson gave me the badass Alpha-ness I expected, but he also gave me so much more than that. He had no problem exposing his soft side, allowing himself to be vulnerable with Natalia, and showing me his great big beautiful heart. Natalia herself was no slouch and proved to be a bit different from her heroine counterparts from the other books. She was just as fierce, loyal and loving, but she was also a fighter and someone who could be a valuable asset to the Steele's organization in the field because of her training.

I'm a bit unclear as to whether or not this would be the final book of the series. As each book was about a different brother and there were only three of them, I'm not sure who a fourth book would be about, however, there's enough of a story there to make it worthwhile. I know I'd read it if it ever came to pass ;)

Release Date: March 24, 2017
Genre: Romantic Suspense
POV: Dual - 3rd person
Steam: 4 out of 5
Book Type: Standalone - Book 3 of The Black Stallion series

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