ARC Review of Vermilion Lies by L.D. Rose

April 07, 2019

Vermilion Lies by LD Rose
Wherever Dax Knight sets foot, hell is bound to freeze over.

As a mercenary for the Order of the Senary, Dax departs for New England to assist his comrades in battling the vampire forces threatening to consume the Northeast. The last thing he expects to find is a gorgeous vampiress who surrenders to him entirely. Ensnared by her allure, their intense attraction ignites, and he discovers she isn’t what she seems.

Cindel Konstantinov has been on the run since she escaped her sire’s possession, trading one life of abuse and imprisonment for another. As her hope for freedom wanes, she encounters one of the infamous Knights, and his dangerous appeal is undeniable. After a life-altering moment of mercy, they careen down a path of secrets, lies, and a forbidden passion neither of them can resist. But when her past comes back to haunt them, they’ll have to face the consequences of their actions—and their desires.

Dax and Cindel will need each other more than ever as their world spirals into chaos. But are they strong enough to survive the oncoming storm?

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Release: April 17, 2019
Genre: Paranormal Romance - forbidden
Multiple POV - 3rd person
Heat: Descriptive
Standalone - The Order of the Senary #3
Length: 306 pages
Format: eARC provided by Social Butterfly PR

Releasing the Demons - ★★★★★
Black Bullet - ★★★★★



Holey Guacamole! This book started off with one heck of a bang. Non-stop action right from the start had my adrenaline pumping and I loved the thrills this story provided. The Knights are still battling against the leeches and the war doesn't seem close to ending and so many lives are being lost. The streets are running red and the humans are dying out. Protecting them is a full time job for the Knights and eradicating the dens and the sires seems an almost unattainable goal. But they will never give up. All is not lost although hope is a fickle witch.

Dax isn't in New York. He's in New England helping out his bros in the Trinity clean up a bit. He takes down an entire yacht full of vamps singlehandedly (so hot) and leaves with a hostage. She's everything he's learned to despise - a leech, a monster, the vilest of all creatures. And yet, she's nothing at all like he expected. She's not ferocious or lethal and she has compassion. That shouldn't be there! She has a soul and it draws him ever nearer.

Cindy is on the run. She was once a slave/wife of a powerful Sire and for years she accepted her lot in life. When she finally opened her eyes to her situation, she escaped and as luck would have it, she had some unexpected assistance along the way. But she is far from safe. As long as her sire lives, she will be hunted. However, with Dax, she has never been happier or felt safer in her life and she's not giving him up without a fight.

I've said it before and I'll say it again... The Order of the Senary books are some of the best things I have ever read. Who knew that accepting a review request a few years ago would lead to my discovery of books I'll love forever? I adore the hybrids that L.D. Rose has created and I look forward to every book of this series. Learning more about these amazing people, reading about their adventures and the chaos that seems to follow them everywhere, the action scenes and the brotherhood among them, and the love... These books have everything I could ask for.


  1. Thank you so much again for sharing, love! I'm so, so happy you enjoyed it!

    1. How did I miss this comment? Woman, I absolutely love this series and can't wait for more!! ❤❤


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