ARC Review: THE OUTLIERS by T.M. Frazier

November 12, 2017

The Outliers by TM Frazier

Sensual. Heartbreaking. Passionate. Overwhelming. Maddening.

That’s the love Finn and I share.
It's the kind you can never recover from.
The kind you never WANT to recover from.

That's why we'll do everything and anything to protect it.

When my past chases me all the way to Outskirts, we have to make a choice.
Let the lies destroy our chance at future together or...bury them deep in the swamp where they belong.

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After the huge cliffy we were left with at the end of The Outskirts, I couldn’t wait to see what would transpire next. I was one of the many who was eager to get my hands on part two of The Outskirts duet. And what was I most excited about? Getting the chance to see my sweet honey Finn again. He definitely didn’t disappoint!!

”I love you. Fiercely. Possessively. Crazily. Always.”

This story was intricate and multi-layered. It delved into the reunion of family, the complexities of friendship, the bond between those that love and are loved, and the further development of the everlasting love that existed between Finn and Sawyer. She was still trying to find her way in her new life with her first taste of freedom and Finn was only too happy to go along for the ride. I adored him for the lengths he was willing to go to ensure her happiness. Finn was still the winner of my heart in this story. I respected the heck out of both Sawyer and Caroline, not only for surviving but for their strength in forging a new path and for embracing and accepting a past they could not change. I loved getting to see more of Josh and Miller because they were always good for a laugh. But most of all, I just loved the love that oozed from the pages of this book.

I really wanted to give this book five stars. I really did. So why didn’t I? Well… it’s going to sound real petty in the grand scheme of things, but… Jackie’s name was mentioned 19 times (yes, I freaking counted!). And for me, that was 19 times too many. Especially when by the end she might as well have been nominated for sainthood. Am I missing something? Because in book one there wasn’t much to like about her other than me feeling sympathy for Finn’s pain over her loss. What happened? I’m also not a huge fan over the way this duet ended. It felt off. Again, this may be a “me” problem, but it felt rushed and lacked the passion I’ve come to expect from this author. Especially because this story evoked so much passion and compassion from me. I wanted something that felt complete and left me satisfied with saying goodbye to these characters once and for all and I didn’t really get that.

Would I recommend this book? Heck yeah I would. READ THIS DUET!! I’ll read anything by T.M. Frazier, as evidenced by all of her books on my bookshelves ;) So I say go ahead and read because I can guarantee you’ll fall in love with Finn and Sawyer as easily as I did!

Release Date: November 9, 2017
Genre: Contemporary Romance
POV: Dual - 1st person
Heat: 3.5 out of 5
Type: Book 2 of The Outskirts duet

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