Review: The Dirty Players Duet by Tia Louise

The Dirty Players Duet The Dirty Players Duet by Tia Louise
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Genre: Contemporary/Suspense
Steam: 4
POV: Multiple - 1st person
Series or Standalone: Series (Dirty Dealers releases January 24, 2017)
Release Date: December 19, 2016

The Prince & The Player
This story was definitely intriguing. The plot surrounds four key "players" and the twists and turns definitely kept me at the edge of my seat.

Zelda and Ava had a rough beginning. Orphaned at a young age, they fled an abusive foster home to lead a life on the streets. It didn't take long for Zelda to turn to a life of crime as a sophisticated grifter. As the oldest, she vowed to take care of Ava by any means necessary. Fast forward and they're pulling off petty crimes (Zelda's a con artist and Ava's a pickpocket). On their latest con, Zelda gets set up and the only way to avoid a prison sentence for her and her sister is to help take down the Crown Prince of Monagasco. She's set to play the seductress. And that's where the plot takes a turn lol.

The Crown Prince, Rowan, only has eyes for Ava. Zelda only has eyes for his brother, Cal. This switcheroo made for a ton of chemistry and a lot of sexy times! BTW, I thought Cal was hot AF and I was hoping to get more of his POV. Honestly, the only couple that mattered to me were Cal and Zelda. Rowan and Ava weren't interesting to me and I only cared as an afterthought. That's just me though.

There's intense chemistry, scams, lies, royalty, crazy hot sex scenes, political maneuvering, betrayal, intrigue, suspense, and two pseudo-fairytales that are not quite finished. What happens when the ruse is no longer a priority? What do you call a con who's been conned? I'm diving right in to book 2!!

A Player for a Princess
As much as Rowan and Ava played a role in this duet, again they were superfluous. I never once viewed them as main characters. They were a by-product of the grand romance of Cal and Zelda IMO. I was so happy to see that this second book focused on my favorite couple.

There were plenty of moments of love and romance and sexy times, but I loved how the author had us in suspense from the get-go. It was in between and all around. Once again, it was the best of two worlds - the contemporary and the suspenseful. Although love was at the forefront of the plot, I also felt the terror, anguish, despair, stress and frustration of the characters.

I didn't believe that I could come to care for Cal more than I already did, but I did! He was so phenomenal in this book. His devotion, strength, protection, love, sexiness... he was amazing! Although there were many loose ends at the conclusion of this story, I'm still rating this duet a 5-star read because of Cal. I did enjoy Zelda a great deal, but she couldn't outshine him. As for the loose ends, I have faith that they will be dealt with in some fashion when we get Logan's story in Dirty Dealers and I can't wait. I hope to see more of Cal in that one too!

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