Review: Between Lust & Tears by Dani René

Between Lust & Tears Between Lust & Tears by Dani René
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

I knew that Liam and Emma hooked up in Between Lust & Tears. I needed to know if their connection lasted beyond that encounter just as badly as they did. And did it? Heck yeah!!

Liam was the real bad boy. Drugs, booze, women... I saw him as a real risk taker who had a problem saying no or turning away from what could lead him down a dark and deadly path. I had my fingers crossed that Emma could truly tame him and in my opinion she did.

Their connection was pure fire and had me hooked. These two crackled and sizzled. In a word they were explosive. The author sure knows how to write a steamy scene. But they were so much more than that. There was a strange sort of romance in their crudeness and their love found a fan in me.

Release Date: October 29, 2016
Genre: Contemporary Rock Star Romance
POV: Dual - 1st person
Heat: 4 out of 5
Type: Standalone - Book 2 of the Backstage Series

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