Review: Beauty by Mary Catherine Gebhard

Beauty Beauty by Mary Catherine Gebhard
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

❝ We’d destroyed each other, so together we could rise from the ashes. ❞

Beauty, which is book two of the Hate Story duet, gave me everything I was looking for. There was angst, suspense, murder, mystery, some more angst, hot sex, some more murder, betrayals out the ying yang, and such incredibly fierce yet twisted love. Frankie was determined to learn more about her family through her long-lost grandmother and Beast was busy trying to maintain his hold over the underground, finding a way to defeat the Pavoni family, and figuring out a way to have his Frankie and eat her too.

❝ The Beast had always been lethal, but now… he was mythic. ❞

Frankie and Beast are now on opposite sides and only one family can win. Who will survive? How can they ever be together? And just who in the hell are Frankie’s parents? It felt a little bit like a feral version of Romeo and Juliet, with a lot more descriptive sex and a lot more bloodshed. Destined to be enemies but their hearts beat as one. Their love was inevitable and undeniable and not even a blood war was going to tear these two apart.

❝ My heart cried for him. Beating, bruised, or broken - it would always find him. ❞

Beast was so insanely hot in this book. He was just as deadly as expected, but with his newfound heart, he was also dedicated, loving and protective. I loved getting the chance to further explore this new side of him. I’m just glad it didn’t make him a complete softie. As for Frankie, I must admit she frustrated me with her ignorance and naivete, but then I have to remind myself that she was only 20 years old and had lived a sheltered life. So some of her actions were maybe not relatable, but understandable. However, when she finally came into her own, when she finally became the woman that Beast had glimpsed, I was beyond excited. He had finally found someone to swim in the darkness with him but who also exposed him to the light.

❝ Let’s take what’s ours. Let’s rule together. ❞

MCG has officially found a new fan in me. If this duet is anything to go by, I can’t wait to dive into the rest of her work. I don’t know if I’ll find another hero as amazingly hot as Beast, but I can sure as hell hope.

Release Date: September 17, 2017
Genre: Mafia Romance
POV: Heroine - 1st person/Hero - 3rd person
Heat: 4 out of 5
Type: Book 2 of the Hate Story duet

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