Review: The Missing Link by J.M. Sevilla

The Missing Link The Missing Link (Marked #1) by J.M. Sevilla
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Release: October 26, 2013
Length: 330 pages

Holy Crap!!

This book... man... it had my heart pounding in freaking excitement!!






(towards the end, Lily was quite BADASS!)

Heh heh. This book had it all!!

In all honesty, the book does start off pretty slow. We meet Lily, just out of an abusive 2 year relationship. Enter Jay, the hot, brutal, scary neighbour. These two took me on a fantastic voyage of danger, intrigue and awesomeness.

Jay was extremely reluctant to reveal anything of his past (or present beyond the superficial). Once his secrets were revealed, not only did I feel compassion for his story, but I understood why the author built the story this way. Like a master puppeteer (or the Pied Piper), she led me down the road with bits and pieces, like bait, ill-prepared for each WHAMMY of the plot. And I loved every minute of it!!

There was so much going on this book but it was all pretty cohesive and intensely titillating.

Can't wait to read Part II.


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