Legend by M.R. Leahy

February 06, 2020

Legend by M.R. Leahy

"Through darkness you were born, now darkness you will live. Bound are your powers, no longer able to shift. Hidden throughout time, you will cease to exist until the chosen one appears with our God-given gift. When the marks unite, the prince shall change and the one true king will take his name."

-- He's King of the Jungle --
Legend was such an interesting and unique twist on one of my favorite stories, Tarzan. Jealousy and evil drove brother against brother, invoking a curse upon everyone in the jungle. Hatred of people who were different led to centuries of needless war. Centuries of unnecessary death. The bad guy sat on the throne, ruling with an iron fist, feeding the hatred and wickedness, determined to break the curse and continue his reign. But the prophecy could not be denied and so when the chosen one finally arrives and finds her way to the rightful king, nothing, not even the blind ambitions of the false king, could stop fate. The gods had spoken and it shall be done!

I'm always up for a retelling and from my first read ever of M.R. Leahy, she definitely found a new fan in me with this story. I would have loved more relationship development between Karzan and Janey. Much of their story was lead up and it took a while for them to even meet. Once together, it was either hot sex or rescuing her from the bad guys. Not a lot of time for them to get to know one another. But I guess small talk isn't really necessary when you've been dreaming about each other for so long. With underlying themes full of horror, immorality and ignorance, Legend is an easy book recommendation to make.

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-- About the Book --
Far, far away, hidden on Insula Sacra—Island of the Accursed— lives a forgotten world of man and beast.

Damned by the Gods, and forced to live in everlasting darkness, they continue to fight a war that has long since been buried in time.

With each rise and fall of the cursed moon, they are reminded of all they’ve lost.

Desperate for freedom, they await the night the one true king will rise to power and free them from the curse.

The King, however, cannot rise without his Queen—both blessed with the mark of the Gods, they must end the war to save them all.

Or so the legend says...

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