Review: Pin Me Down by Holly Dodd

February 27, 2017

Pin Me Down by Holly Dodd
My rating: 4 of 5 stars
Standalone - Brewhouse #2
Release - February 28, 2017
Genre - Contemporary Second Chance Romance
Dual POV - 1st person
Heat - 4 out of 5
Length - 206 pages

Mia Reynolds isn't interested in relationships. She refuses to follow the same troubled path her codependent mother traveled. Now that she's graduated from college and has a real job, paying her loads of money, the world is hers for the plucking. She doesn't need a man at her side, keeping her from having fun. Especially Regi, whose brandy-brown eyes and gravelly voice have haunted her since high-school. Together they're gunpowder and fire, explosive but dangerous. She's only willing to give him her body, but never her heart.

Regi O'Connell has been concealing his heartbreak for years. Despite the endless parade of women in his bed, throwing panties at him like confetti, there's only one who girl who has claimed him, heart and soul. But Mia refuses to give him a chance outside of the sheets. He's her dirty little secret, one she has no plans on revealing to the world.

Sometimes all it takes is one incident, one flash of regret, to change who you were, and become who you are meant to be. Mia's heart is unyielding, a lockbox without a key. She needs to let him in, or let him go. He's giving it one more shot to show the women of his dreams that love doesn't make you weak, but stronger than steel.

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Regi gets all of the stars!! This was a really hard book to read and rate because while I adored one character (Regi), I absolutely abhorred another (Mia). So all 3.5 stars in my rating go towards Regi's stellar performance in this story. He was so pathetic and yet so endearing and adorable that I couldn't help but root for him from the start. His poor heart was put through the wringer and a huge part of me wanted him to find someone else to give his all to.

Mia was someone I couldn't help but hate. She was a wholly unsympathetic character and there was nothing to substantiate the colossal effort she made to be a ginormous b*tch. She was selfish, greedy, manipulative and cruel. She wasn't someone I would ever call a friend and why anyone gave her the time of day baffled me. I didn't care about her. If the next scene had her being struck by a car, I probably would have cheered. Okay, so I'm obviously exaggerating a bit, but I'm hoping you get my point. I couldn't root for her happy ending because in my opinion she didn't deserve one.

So I'll leave off here telling you that if/when you read this story, I'm sure you will fall for Regi just as much as I did. He wasn't pure by any means, but a lot of his actions and his behavior can be understood and even accepted when looking through the rotten glass of life that Mia had poured for him.

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