Review: Tempt Me by Roxy Sloane

January 03, 2017

Tempt Me by Roxy Sloane
My rating: 4 of 5 stars
The Temptation #1
Release: October 3, 2016
Length: 162 pages

I’ve never f&$ked a woman who didn’t lie.
Not to me. When I’m grinding eight inches deep up against your G-spot, you can bet you won’t have the mind to remember your own name. No, I’m talking about the next guy. And everyone who’s unlucky enough to come after me.
“That’s right, baby. You’re the best.”
“Nobody’s ever gone so deep.”
And this one, the classic. The biggest whopper to ever cross a woman’s lips:
“Size doesn’t matter. It’s what you do with it that counts.”
Right, love. Say that again with a straight face once I’ve stretched you so wide, you’re begging me to stop and screaming for more, all in the same breath.
Go on, I dare you.
We’ve all got our secrets, but it just happens to be my job to figure yours out. I’m the best in the business, and I never back down.
But this case is different. This girl is different.
I don’t just want her secrets. I want everything.

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My Review

Roxy Sloane has introduced us to her new, hot, sexy and dirty talking hero. His name is Jase and he's confident (borderline cocky), arrogant, handsome, successful, and... you guessed it... a manwhore! He's a real hit it and quit it kind of guy but he at least guarantees orgasms aplenty. Oh and he likes to brag about his inches. A lot. He's set his sights on Chloe, a young woman who has endured some heartbreak and is trying to embrace a new life. This new life suddenly includes Jase. But there are secrets. And they could blow their blossoming relationship out of the water. When the secrets are revealed, will this couple stand together or fall apart? Read to find out and discover the awesomeness of Jase Banner, Private Investigator.

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