Review // Ares by Penny Dee

August 15, 2022

Ares by Penny Dee

Here we are.
Like I said, not a part of the plan.
But his kiss is like catnip and I can't get enough of it.

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Ares by Penny Dee

Ares by Penny Dee

Standalone - Kings of Mayhem MC: Tennessee #3
Release - August 26, 2022
Genre - MC Romance / revenge plot
Dual POV - 1st person
Heat - 4 out of 5 / several descriptive scenes
Format/Source - eARC provided by Give Me Books
Length - 277 pages
Publisher - Indie

A wounded biker with a checkered past. A feisty dancer with a secret. An unexpected love that could destroy them both.

I was born a monster.
Seven feet tall with fists the size of balloons and an even bigger…boot size.
I’m a demon in the ring and a devil between the sheets.
But even I’m no match for her. The demoness with the bright emerald eyes and hair the color of snow.
She’s everything I’ve run from my whole sorry life and the only thing I’m afraid of, so why the hell do I find myself on her doorstep time and time again?

I’m not a good man. She should run as far as possible from me.
After doing time for a crime I didn’t commit, I took my revenge on those responsible.
It was brutal. It was bloody. It was satisfying.
Now she wants me to do the same thing for her.
But she isn’t being completely honest with me.
And when I find out the truth, there’ll be consequences for us all to pay.

My Two Cents

4.25 "Sex and Secrets" stars

I cannot tell a lie...
I instantly fell in love with Ares.
I'm talking... I fell hard.
The prologue was devastating. Everything that happened, his heartbreak, the unfortunate consequences...
How could I not love this broken man?

The author did an incredible job of picking a cover model because he fit Ares to a tee.
Perfection I say!

Ares had his heart broken in the worst way and had given up on ever having that special someone.
Rory was the first woman to make him question his lonely existence.
But she's hiding something that could tear them apart.
Something that could devastate all of the beauty they were creating together.
And although her secret bothered me, making me want to shake a ho, I got it. I got her. And I still liked her a lot.

So there's that.

There's also an insane subplot of craziness with some serial killers that I'm still trying to figure out.
I liked the added suspense, but it wasn't even necessary.
And yet, I found it wildly entertaining.

I loved Ares. I loved the way he found love. I loved who he found love with. I'm falling for the other members of the club. And I'm looking forward to loving each and every one of them!

About the Author

Penny Dee writes contemporary romance about rockstars, bikers, hockey players and everyone in-between. Her stories bring the suspense, the feels and a whole lot of heat.

She found her happily ever after with an Australian hottie who she met on a blind date.

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  1. I love when an author matches the cover model to the story well. It makes it so much more fun!

    1. Right?! I don't have to use my imagination (or lack of LOL)


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