Review: The Final Hour by London Miller

The Final Hour The Final Hour (Volkov Bratva #3) by London Miller
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Release: July 9, 2014
Length: 356 pages

In the Beginning - ★★★★☆
Until the End - ★★★★★

5 "There's a new boss in town" stars!!

This book was a fantastic tale of the turmoil and mayhem that hovered and almost devoured Lauren and Mishca's lives. I'm pretty sure there's more to come, considering Klaus and Luka get their own stories as well.

Bratva politics. Vengeance. Assassins. Feds. Betrayal. Grief. Love. Friendship. Loyalty. Family. Murder plots. Action. Lots and lots of action.

Lauren and Mishca were put through the wringer in this book and it was great to see them come through it all stronger than ever.

I'm extremely interested in Luka's story, not so much for his romance with Alex (Mishca's sister/cousin), but because I want to know his secrets. They were alluded to in this story and it seems they're terrible enough to warrant Mishca killing him over them. What could they be???

Klaus definitely intrigues me. His homicidal banter with Mishca. The way he seems to soften around Lauren. Even his way with Luka makes me smile. I absolutely need to know more about him. Especially because I need to know who his latest job is.

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