Review // Always Practice Safe Hex by Juliette Cross

October 28, 2023

Always Practice Safe Hex by Juliette Cross

How could I ever have thought him cold? I'd be lucky to not spontaneously combust the next time he touched me.
Funny thing was... I was more than happy to test that theory. More than willing to burn.

Always Practice Safe Hex by Juliette Cross

Always Practice Safe Hex by Juliette Cross

Rating - ★★★★1/2
Standalone - Stay a Spell #4
Genre and Trope - Paranormal Romance / enemies to lovers
POV - Dual 1st person
Heat - several descriptive scenes
Source - Kindle Unlimited
Length - 381 pages

Also in this series: Wolf Gone Wild * Don't Hex and Drive * Witches Get Stitches

Livvy Savoie is a people person. Not only does she have the magical gift of persuasion, but her natural charisma charms everyone she meets. She hasn’t met a person she didn’t like. Until her annoyingly brilliant competitor walks through the door. No matter how hard she denies it, loathing isn’t the only emotion she feels for him.

Grim reaper Gareth Blackwater is rarely, if ever, moved beyond his broody, stoic state. But the witch he’s partnered with in the public relations contest is destroying his peace of mind. He’s convinced that the flesh-melting attraction he feels for her is merely her witchy magic at work.

But forced proximity proves there is more than magic sparking between them. Livvy learns this enigmatic grim’s abilities are beyond any supernatural she has ever known. And when Livvy becomes the obsessive target of a dangerous wizard, Gareth proves just how powerful he truly is. Because no one is going to hurt his Lavinia.

My Two Cents

After already meeting the mysterious Gareth and not really understanding why Livvy had a problem with him, I was excited to find out everything with this book. And boy, did this author give me EVERYTHING!

Livvy and Gareth were competing for the same prize: a campaign behind the charity of their choice. Even Livvy had to admit that Gareth's cause was the best. After learning about why orphaned paranormals were so near and dear to his heart, I fell for this male right along with our heroine.

The truth behind Grims was so intriguing. I love how I still wonder what else there is to learn about them and their abilities. Gareth being the top dog of his kind made me get all tingly with excitement. He was the perfect match for Livvy and his protective instinct when it came to her made him a swoon-worthy hero.

There is a slimy, scary, harassment-prone character that we all will love to see get his, but aside from the creep factor, this was an amazing read. I was entertained from page one and I can't wait to dive back into this series and see these characters again.

The Author

Juliette lives in moss-laden Cajun country in Louisiana where she lives with her husband, four kids, and black lab, Kona. She is a multi-published author of paranormal and fantasy romance with confident, persevering heroines and dark, sexy heroes. While she enjoys reading and writing the dark, broody types, she also appreciates the fun, levity of humor in a good love story, so she tries to give her characters both on their way to their HEA.

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  1. I haven't read that book yet. Thanks for sharing.
    I invite you to visit my last post. Have a good week!

  2. Such a gorgeous cover. Thanks for sharing.

  3. You seriously make me want to dip my toes in paranormal romance after this review. I'll leave it to Jess though but never say never!! Excellent review love❤️❤️xoxo

    1. I'm glad I could tempt you LOL
      I know Jess is the one for PNR, but I think when you finally give one a chance, you'll LOVE it!!
      Thanks again babe!! ❤️❤️xoxo

  4. I love the sound of this book and this series. I immidiately put the first book on my wish list. Thanks for the tip ;)
    Great review!

    1. Thanks so much, Maureen! XO
      I look forward to seeing what you think of these books :)

  5. Everyone seems to really enjoy the books in this series. This one sounds really good. I need to put them on my TBR.

    1. It's a great series! It is PNR though, so not your usual, but I think you'd like them.


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