Review: Thanos by Ella Frank

January 26, 2017

Thanos by Ella Frank
My rating: 4 of 5 stars
Standalone - Masters Among Monsters #3
Release - January 26, 2017
Genre - M/M Parnormal Romance
Multiple POV - 3rd person
Heat - 4 out of 5
Length - 339 pages
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Review of book 2, Isadora


Thanos Agapiou has always been a charmer. For over two millennia, the vampire had no problem acquiring whom and what he wanted with a flash of his handsome smile. He took for granted the boyish good looks he presumed he’d possess for the rest of eternity.

How very wrong he was.

A nearly fatal attack distorted his entire existence. With his appearance now matching the title many have bestowed their kind—monster—he hides away from the world and all of those who know him, including his Ancient, Eton.
Until one night when a stranger draws him out from the shadows.


Ever since Paris Antoniou was thrust into a world of vampires, his reality has become stranger than the history and the myths he’s studied for the past decade.

When he learns the truth about his origins and the power he wields, his confusion and fear have him running for his life. What he doesn’t expect is to run into the arms of Thanos—a vampire who doesn’t intimidate him as much as he intrigues him.


As their worlds collide under extraordinary circumstances, an attraction neither can deny takes hold. But will that be enough to save Thanos from his demons, or will he condemn Paris to his fate?

Destinies have been changed. Lines have been crossed. And, with tales of the vampire race coming to an end, who will make the ultimate sacrifice?
After all, in a world run by vampires and gods, only one can be the true Master among the Monsters.

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So Thanos ended up disfigured. Go figure. I guess I knew that from the last book but I was thinking that since this was fictional and all that there'd be some miracle and he'd be whole again. I guess that's why I'm not the author because his disfigurement worked so hard in this book! He seems quite taken with Paris but there's really no time for all of that because Eton's devolving and there's still the impending doom of the vampire race.

There was plenty of time spent on the past characters. Leo is fully bonded to both Alasdair and Vasilios. A true MMM sandwich full of crazy hotness. Elias is tied to Isadora and Diomedes. And Paris is presumed safe with Thanos. Until the poop hits the fan and everyone is thrown into chaos. No one is safe. Eton's gone beast mode and the gods are thoroughly pissed with the three chosen ones.

I'm disappointed with the way things ended, but I'm sure many will love it. Although I was overjoyed about the outcome, I wasn't happy about the lack of an explanation. But that's just me. There's only so far my limited imagination can stretch on its own. Sometimes I need to be led.

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