A Dark Billionaire Romance Series by Aubrey Dark

June 24, 2024

I'm back with a series of books that I read a long time ago (2016), but I remember enjoying them.
The Dark Billionaire Series is a contemporary romance with a BDSM theme.
Hopefully my reviews inspire someone to give this series a chance.

His Gift: Part One

Lacey Miller is two days away from being kicked out of her apartment when her best friend offers her a job for some quick cash. Easy as cake, right? Wrong. Billionaire playboy Jake Carville has been looking for years for the perfect submissive. On his birthday, he's looking forward to a special a girl who can satisfy his every dark craving. But when Lacey walks through the wrong door and into Jake’s arms, she’s everything he’d hoped for... and nothing he ever expected. How can he lose himself, heart and soul, to a girl he was never supposed to meet?

Rating -

This was not what I expected. It was better. I'm grateful to the author for not rushing straight to sex between the main characters (sorry to those who were expecting some). This allows us to see some type of buildup, some form of chemistry. I'm not completely sold on the chemistry but I'm intrigued enough to read book 2.

Surprisingly, despite her tomboy virginal ways, Lacey is not an annoying female lead. She had spunk and enough qualities to make her likeable. Jake on the other hand is still a mystery. Sexy. Green-eyed. Dark hair. Rich. Appreciates art. Dominant. Into bondage. And??? Does anyone else think he's the tag artist Kage that Lacey admires and respects?

His Gift: Part Two

He's going to punish me, I know it.

I was just delivering a cake for a friend - I sure as hell wasn’t a birthday gift to a billionaire. But now that I was here, I didn’t dare leave.

Even if I wanted to, he wouldn’t let me.

Rating -

Maybe Lacey's not as cool as I thought. For such an innocent, she allows Jake too many liberties. He seems charming one minute and rude the next. And what is his problem with being called by his name? And as per Lucas, what secrets surround his family? Well I'm going to read book 3 to hopefully find some answers. Maybe some sex even lol. This series isn't very sexy or erotic so far.

His Gift: Part Three

I'm tied up, blindfolded... and aching for his touch.

When Lacey walks through the wrong door and into Jake’s arms, she’s everything he’d hoped for... and nothing he ever expected.

How can he lose himself, heart and soul, to a girl he was never supposed to meet?

Rating -

Not bad. What threw me though was when Jake finally talked about his past, revealing the secret of his family. He said the problem was that he didn't want to take over the business but... Everything happened when he was 4 years old. Not a lot of 4yo CEOs nowadays.

So that contradiction made the rest of the story blah for me. At least there was finally sex!! LMAO!!

His Ransom: Part One

Some secrets are darker than others...

I knew that there was more to billionaire Jake Carville than what he showed the world. But I didn’t know that Jake’s past was so dark... and so dangerous.

… and that’s why she’s the perfect hostage.

Rating -

This was pretty good.

I completely got why Lacey felt inferior but she needs to stop comparing herself to Jake. He's a friggin billionaire. A successful business man. And he's 10 years older than her. That's 10 years more life experience. She should just be grateful he's willing to guide her art career and stop bitching at him before he decides to guide someone else.

His Ransom: Part Two

Lacey Miller is just a curvy girl, a tomboy, a street artist. When she steps into Jake Carville’s life, his obsession with her will lead her into a world like she’s never seen. A world of wealth and power. A world of unquenchable passion and unspeakable cruelty.

Jake Carville, billionaire playboy, has never found a woman he can open up to. Not until Lacey. She’s the only woman he cares about. His gift. His love.

Rating -

Wow! This one was better than the rest! I finally got to see some action (not just the sexual kind).

Lacey put herself in quite the predicament because she allowed her insecurities to get the best of her. I'm not saying she's wrong for having doubts. They've only been together for about a month. However, instead of letting these doubts fester into a real problem, she should have talked to Jake about them. Now she's stuck and the story just got interesting!

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