The Prince's Bride by J.J. McAvoy

August 12, 2020

At that moment, in that brief second before she screamed bloody murder, all I could think was, the poets are right. No one will believe me, and many others will think I am insane. But I want the sun to rise with my name on her lips and my hand on her hips.

The Prince's Bride by JJ McAvoy
He is a spoiled playboy prince whose family is in desperate need of money.

She’s an American heiress who can only get her inheritance through marriage.

According to their families they are a perfect match.
According to each other, arranged marriages have no place in modern times and this could not possibly work.
But Prince Galahad “Gale” of Ersovia is bound by duty to obey the crown anyway.

Odette Wyntor doesn’t give a damn, she doesn’t want to get married.

Can he change her mind?

Can she even handle what it means to be royal, if he did?

The Prince’s Bride is Part 1 of a 2 part series.
Part 2 arrives a month later.

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4 stars

Let me start off by saying that I'm the fool that didn't know this wasn't a standalone. So when I got to the ending, I was all like WHAAAAAAT?! You better believe I'll be looking forward to part two, which is due to release on November 27th.

What you'll get with this book:
✔ a playboy prince who didn't seem to be answerable or responsible for anything
✔ said prince finding his way, finding growth, and finding his heart while being manipulated to find a wife with means
✔ a rich girl who isn't really aware of her absolute privilege who is vehemently opposed to getting married. When her father's will dictates that she gets no money if she doesn't have a husband, she has a lot of thinking and reevaluating to do
✔ hot and cold treatment, a heroine who can't make up her mind, and a hero who has to learn a new approach to getting what he wants
✔ sweet, sweet banter and tons of cuteness
✔ an entertaining and delightful read

I've been a huge JJ McAvoy fan ever since I devoured her Ruthless People series. I've read plenty of her contemporary work, loved them, and loved this. She nailed the whole 'marriage of convenience' trope and although this is an extremely slow burn (I'm talking no intimacy, people!), I found myself captivated by this story. I need the next book STAT!

So I’m a writer (duh that’s how you found me), movie enthusiast, and self-proclaimed chef. I love music even though I can’t sing or dance to save my life. (That doesn’t necessarily stop me but you’ve been warned.)

I started Ruthless People the summer of 2013 in hopes of giving myself a new type of love and crime drama. I never knew so many people thought like me! I feel truly blessed to have fans like you all! Writing is my true love and having you all enjoy my words is a dream come true.


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