Series Review // Fight For Her by J.J. Knight

May 20, 2024

I'm back with a series of books that I read a long time ago, but I remember enjoying them.
I'm a sucker for second chance romance and this one was alright. Let me know if you plan to read it too!

Book One

What do you do when you’ve just lost everything?
You fight.
For four years, I’ve been punching and kicking my way through hundreds of unworthy MMA opponents.
For four years, I’ve kept seeing her face. Maddie’s face. My one great love.
After a brutal cage match that sent me to the ER, Maddie took off across the country. Six months pregnant. She left to have my baby as far from me as she could. No more violence, she said. No fighting.
I had to live with it. I had no choice.
But last night I got a phone call from my little girl, asking me to come to her fourth birthday party. Her friends all have daddies, she said. Would I be hers?
Damn right I will.
I decide that when I get to New York, I’m not going to care about Maddie. I’m not going to even look at her.
But I do. And the moment I see her again, I know one thing is true.
This ain’t over.

Rating -

First time reading anything from this author and it was fun. I'm not sure if it was strictly the writing or because I happen to love the male pov so much. It was only after I started reading this that I realized that this is a series within a series because now I'm a bit intrigued by Cole's story too.

I'm a big fan of second chance love stories, simply because there's hope that the characters can right any past wrongs, they've grown up and matured, they can give and receive love at a more mature level, handle situations maturely... shoot just deal maturely. I like to see growth in characters and that's what these stories show.

I also love reading about daddies and their children and the growing relationship between Parker and Lily was really sweet to read. Maddie and Parker seem to be getting closer and more on track, despite their 4 year separation. I'm kinda curious about whether that conversation happened behind the scenes? Regardless, there's a bit of a cliffy so hopefully there are some answers in book 2.

Book Two

Only one person in the world could get me and Maddie back together.
Our little girl.
But just when I feel like we’ve got it made, I lose an MMA fight, a big one. I take a blow that might have killed anyone else.
For a while, we don’t even know if I’ll be able to fight again.
But the bone-crunching footage goes viral, and the world is calling for a rematch.
Surely one more fight will be enough. The money means Maddie and I can make a new start.
But my old enemies have noticed my sudden fame. And they want to make sure my career, and maybe even my life, goes nowhere.
Whether I fight them in the cage or in the street, this time I have everything to lose.

Rating - 1/2

I really enjoyed this installment of the series. I liked to see that both Maddie and Parker are willing to make sacrifices in order to be together and make each other happy.

I still have some questions and I'm hoping they get answered soon. Parker made a reference to his parents, indicating that he wasn't close to them. And Maddie mentioned that her father is homeless in L.A.

Once again this book ends on with a cliffhanger because of some douche named Striker. Really wish I had read the series involving Colt and Jo to get a better picture of what a total a**hole this guy is. Seems his sister and his friends aren't any better either.

On to book 3 to find some answers.

Book Three

They took her.

I can’t believe it.

Striker and his thug fighter friends kidnapped Maddie.

I don’t know how, or when, or where, but there will be vengeance.

And there is one thing I can guarantee.

I will be the last man standing.

Rating -

Did Maddie annoy anyone else as much as she freaking annoyed me? She was rescued and then threatened. And instead of going to her boyfriend and his friends, you know, the people who amazingly helped her before, she decided she's savvy enough to handle things on her own. Doesn't Parker have a right to know that there is a threat against their daughter? I'm incredibly aggravated right now. And her wishy-washy ways are extremely frustrating!!

At least I got to read about her dad. Funny how she kept saying that she hasn't figured out a way to help her dad. AA? Rehab? A home perhaps? Dumbass!

Anyway, I'm going to keep reading for Parker and Colt. I have no complaints for either of them.

Book Four

Maddie has left me again, and I can’t blame her.
I failed to protect her.
I don’t even know if I deserve her and Lily.
But I’m determined to make things right.
First, I’m going to find her father. He’s been living on the streets too long. That has to end.
Second, I’m going to give up this career. If she wants me to sit behind some security desk, I’m going to do it. For us.
But when Maddie’s father turns up in the hospital, and she flies into town to see him, I learn something that changes everything.
Someone I used to call a friend has threatened my little girl.
The game has changed, and now the only person who’s determined enough to win is the one who almost bowed out.

Rating -

I think the series on a whole was pretty good, however... I still can't stand Maddie. Here's why: when she met Parker, he was a fighter. She knew this. He lived with 3 other fighters and didn't hide the fact that he was a fighter. She stayed with him, fell in love with him, and got pregnant with his child. She left him because he's a fighter. What?! He didn't wake up one day and become a fighter behind her back. He didn't betray her. He stayed true to himself and she found fault in that. Fast forward 4 years later and she still has a judgmental attitude. She wants him to give up his passion... to work a security guard job. Are you freaking kidding me?! Who does that? It's not like he asked her to give up her passion for fashion because then they'd be even. No, she asked him to stop being HIM!! It made no sense to me. Real love comes without judgment and she should have been supporting him, not trying to change him. She had every right to be concerned about his health and well-being every time he went in the ring/cage, but not to the extent she took it to.

So because I couldn't like Maddie, despite all of my efforts, I couldn't give this series any more stars. I gave this book 3 stars mainly because of Parker, Colt, and Jax. And to be completely honest, this entire series should have been told from Parker's pov only (IMO).

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