Review: FAULTS IN FATE by Anne Malcom

June 23, 2018

Faults in Fate by Anne Malcom
Fate was a fickle mistress.
She gave Sophie immortality, magic, and a great tolerance for whisky.
She also made sure Sophie tasted death, made sure it clung to her bones, sank into her marrow.
She gave Sophie power that came from death and brought death with it.
Her own.
And everyone she knew and loved.
If she didn't learn to control it, that was.
She had been meaning to pencil it in, but the apocalypse had been licking at her combat boots and she got busy.
But she was kicking magical butt, because she was awesome.
Then the witch discovered the one thing she couldn't handle, the one thing that would offer complete destruction.
A wolf.
Her wolf.
Broken. Dangerous. Wild.
His life tangled up in hers, without a choice from either of them. A fault in fate, bringing two broken, wild, and dangerous immortals together.
Sophie quite literally screwed the pooch on this one.

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My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Oh. Em. Gee!! I love Sophie. I love Conall. I love this series. Oh. Em. Gee!!

Sophie was so sassy and delusional and sarcastic and rude and yet she was really endearing. It could be because beneath it all, it was easy to see how huge her heart was. She’s holding this incredible power inside, not sure how to control it, it reeks of death (hers and her friends), and yet she tries so hard to do it on her own because there’s enough going on. You know, the whole apocalypse and everything. She’s been on her own for over 200 hundred years so what else is new. What she didn’t count on is her very own wolf. Witches and wolves do not mix. Or at least they never used to. But no matter how hard she tries (and she tries HARD), she can’t shake him loose. He’s found his mate and he’s not going anywhere.

Conall started out all growly and silent, brooding and scary, but once his personality started to shine through, it was hard not to fall for him. Broken and alone, an exiled king of his pack, he never thought he’d find his person. To find out his mate is a witch didn’t compute. Until it became a fact that he couldn’t deny. So while she continues to put herself in danger, she’s got her own personal wolf-shaped shadow. When the power she tries very hard not to tap into starts to take her over, he’s the one that always brings her back. Their lives are now intertwined and pretty soon it’s impossible to see one without the other. They have both proven the lengths they will go to protect the other and their love knows absolutely no bounds. So what happens when Sophie can see that the end is near?

Honestly, this entire series so far has been fantastic and this novella was buttercream frosting with red velvet cake. I am so in love with Sophie and Conall and their fated love. I wish there was more to this book because I was far from done with them. At least I know I’ll see them again in the next book to come.

Release: 05.25.2018 | Genre: Paranormal Romance/Thriller | Dual POV - 3rd person | Heat: 3.5 | Standalone (kinda) - The Vein Chronicles 2.5

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