May 07, 2019

It takes a killer to catch a killer.

And no one understands the motives of ruthless murderer, The Sandman, quite like Rhett Voss.

Having spent his childhood in the shadows of the deranged lunatic, he’s become an expert on the topic. Killing is in his blood, and as a hitman for hire, Voss maintains a steady diet of carnage, himself.

Except lately, it’s lost its appeal. Until he’s enticed to track down the clever Sandman who has his sights set on Nola Tensley.

The stunning single mom is a distraction Voss can’t afford, but to catch his elusive kin, he needs to watch the next victim closely. Consequently, stalking her soon becomes a dangerous obsession, turning a friendly game of cat and mouse into more than he bargained for, when someone close to Nola goes missing.

Suddenly, it’s no longer an old vendetta fueling Voss’s need to hunt down his enemy, but new stakes that are sure to mean more bloodshed. Voss knows better than anyone, though: to draw a killer out of hiding, one must have the right bait.

And both of them want Nola.

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The Sandman Duet #2
Release Date: May 13, 2019
Genre: Dark Romance/Thriller
Multiple POV - 1st person heroine/hero & 3rd person killer
Heat: 3 out of 5
Format: eARC provided by Give Me Books PR
Nocturnes & Nightmares - ★★★★✩

My Review


I was right. I love when I'm right. I love when I'm reading a whodunit and the author gives me tons of suspects and my first instinct is the right one. It feels awesome!! Anyhoo, part II picks up right where the last book left off and the author turned things up a notch. The Sandman is hitting a little closer to home and Nola loses her mind. Between her cop brother and his squad beefing up security and Voss putting his many skills to use, she still thinks she knows better than them. Arrrgggh!! So frustrating...

She's lucky that Voss is so gaga over her.

She is poetry and madness wrapped in fire. An unreachable paradise for a soulless bastard like me.

But it does work out in the end, because Voss is just that badass.

The stumps where his arms and legs used to be are healing nicely, where I've cauterized the flesh, but his eye sockets appear to be leaking white pus, and his skin feels hot when I set him down on the plastic sheet beside his bed.

Sounds so yummy! This story was full of twists and turns and even in the end, it still feels like there could be so much more. This duet was my first read from Keri Lake and she's found a new fan in me!

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