Review: Blood Stained Tranquility by N. Isabelle Blanco

August 28, 2017

Blood Stained Tranquility by N Isabelle Blanco
My rating: 5 of 5 stars
Standalone - Ryze #2
Release - August 28, 2017
Genre - Paranormal Romance
Dual POV - 1st person
Heat - 4.5 out of 5
Length - 304 pages


Five weeks ago, my best friend was abducted. A sacrifice for the God of Lust.
It wasn’t the beginning of her end . . . it turned out to be the beginning of mine.
I’ve been brought back from the dead.
Only to be condemned to die once more.
I’ve awakened to find myself mated to Zeniel, the God of Tranquility. But, no. That isn’t who he is anymore.
I’m so vile that simply meeting me tore out the most primal, dark force inside him.
He’s a demon.
A mythical monster.
An indiscriminate killer.
He’s made to destroy the entire fucking world . . . and I’d give anything to have him.


Within the red and black shadows of doom, all I see are my victims. The sinners I need to destroy.
And her.
Always her.
I want to despise her for what her past did to me. A single look into her eyes and the creature trapped inside me broke free.
You see, I’m a fucking sham. A pretender. I wasn’t born as Zeniel, God of Tranquility.
I was born as Mavrak, the war demon God of Vengeance.
He killed millions across the dimensions once.
To avenge and protect her, he’ll destroy millions once again.
For her, I’ll let my powers of Tranquility die in a maelstrom of blood . . .
Even if it means killing everyone else that I love.

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As we learned in the previous book, Blood Flows Deep, Zeniel the god of Tranquility has kept his darker side, Mavrak the god of Vengeance, under wraps for about 14,000 years. But one look at Evesse has Mavrak beating down the doors of Zen’s mind, wanting - no needing to come out and Zen is determined to not let him loose. If the past is anything to go by, once Mavrak gets out, only death and destruction awaits them. So what does he do? He runs away. While staying gone he’s still helping his brethren, but he just needs to isolate himself to get better control of his other half. Good luck with that buddy.

Meanwhile, after Evesse and Ismini were rescued from the vortex, they were given goddess powers by Nylicia. While Ismini took to them like a champ (gotta love that girl), Evesse has been in a coma. That has more to do with what her past holds and lets us know that her coma is a mental thing, not physical. And although she’s at rest, her mind and body are still very much aware and the bond continues to grow between her and Zen.The gist is that Zen needs to accept his other half, Mavrak, and Evesse is just the one to help him.

What/who I loved:
☆ Zen - this man was tortured for 500 years in order to suppress his vengeance. He came out as tranquility and lived a life based on peace. He meets the love of his life, his mate, and his two sides collide in a storm of epic proportions. He is fiercely loyal, hot, sexy, protective, strong, and incredibly loving.

☆ Eve - this young girl always dreamed of being a superhero. I guess her wish came true. Her backstory was tragic but I think it made her stronger in the end. This survivor grabbed life by the balls and didn’t let fear rule her. Loyal, protective, compassionate, flawed, and amazingly loving, Eve is a character who is easy to get behind.

☆ Dimi - man I can’t wait for her story (there better be one!). This woman ruled a kingdom, was somehow forced to commit evil, died, was resurrected, and she’s a freaking warrior. Loved this chick!!

☆ It pains me to admit this, but Nylicia cracked me the heck up. Every time she appeared, I knew some bad ish was about to happen. I have a strong feeling that she’s the female that Zex lost (hoping I’m right) and I need to know how this will work out. I also like that she has an agenda, but as the Goddess of Destiny, she leaves us completely in the dark, just like the characters. It adds so much more suspense to the tale.

☆ Everyone else, including Dyletri, Ismini, Cyake, Crius, Ian, Spari, Ved, Zex, etc. I am so freaking excited for each of their stories!!

☆ Obviously the plot made up for a lot of my love. The author took mythology, religion and good old fashioned imagination to create a fantastical world of wonder. A world that I wish really existed. I want a god to find me as a mate too!! It goes without saying that I don’t wish the war part on our world, but everything else would be fine with me ;)

The entire cast of characters were back, along with some pretty hot new faces. I found more people to fall in love with and I can’t wait to read their stories. Fingers crossed that Crius and Dimithinia are next!! This story had tons of action, heaps of sensually hot sex scenes, oodles of humor, and lots of love. I couldn’t have loved Zen and Eve more. These two were absolutely made for each other. Again, if you’re a fan of paranormal romance, you DO NOT want to pass this series up!!

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