Review: Simple Ride by Chelsea Camaron

January 04, 2017

Simple Ride by Chelsea Camaron
My rating: 4 of 5 stars
Standalone - Hellions Ride #6
Release: November 3, 2015
Length: 159 pages

After surviving the heat, the torture, and making it out of the sandbox one mission at a time, I have spent years on the ride, going mile after mile to escape the past. I thought I had left hell behind. Only, it is hard to run from the demons inside you.
It all changed when I found the Hellions brotherhood. My nightmares were chased away with the daylight of my new purpose in the club.

I’m a whore, born from trash; that’s what he always told me. Well, sugar, if you can’t beat it back, you might as well stop fighting and make the best of it. The Hellions take care of me as long as I take care of their boys, and the arrangement works…
…until he finds me.

Nathan “Boomer” Vaughn—Hellions MC’s newest member, former Army Special Forces, and overall badass—is brought to his knees when he finds out the secrets his favorite barfly has been keeping.

Purple Pussy Pamela should have brought her problems to the club first, but she didn’t. Now it’s up to Boomer to keep her and her secrets safe.

What happens when two people with a simple understanding complicate things? Can they find their way back to the simple ride?

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My Review

I'm gonna be honest here. I really didn't see this story coming. Usually when I imagine a MC Club "barfly", my mind automatically substitutes the word "whore". I'm just sayin. So when I saw this book was about one becoming a real part of Club life, I was all like "WTF?!" But Chelsea Camaron seems to make it a habit, within this series, to surprise me. SURPRISE!! She found a way to make it work. I wasn't thinking "whore" every two seconds, so I think that means the story was a success. So while not altogether believable (I'm a skeptic), the story made for an enjoyable read.

Boomer and Pamela, underneath it all, were two broken pieces that magically fit and created oneness, with the power (I believe) to heal each other. The author made their pain real and what they could potentially have in the future a thing of wonder. Until the next ride!

A copy was generously provided in exchange for an honest review

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