Review: Ruby Ink by L.J. Wilson

Ruby Ink Ruby Ink by L.J. Wilson
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

I like when I choose a book, start reading it, notice that the writing is completely different from what I'm used to, and I still enjoy the heck out of the read. This book did that. The author's voice is brand new to me and after some adjustment, I realized I wanted to hear more!

This was a second chance love story buried beneath secrets, lies and betrayals. There was so much going on but at the heart of it was the epic love of Aaron and Ruby. Seven years ago, Aaron did the unspeakable. He ultimately betrayed their love. Or did he? See, no one believed he was capable of the charges he got convicted for. Seven years into his prison sentence, Aaron is released and all he wants to do is pick up the measly pieces of his life and try to move on. Except he can't. He can't let go of Ruby. However, he knows that she's gone... until fate steps in and gives them another chance.

Conspiracies and coverups are revealed. Aaron and Ruby get to love and heal. And the ending seems to be a great lead-in to book 2, The Mission.

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