Review: Truly, Madly, Whiskey by Melissa Foster

Truly, Madly, Whiskey Truly, Madly, Whiskey by Melissa Foster
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Bear... Oh sweet Lord, please find me a man just like Bear. There isn't enough words to describe the awesomeness of Bear. Is it obvious that I love Bear? Honestly, if you're ever on the hunt for an Alpha who is not only dominant and protective, but also sweet, considerate, understanding, passionate, and every other positive trait we women search for, you can never go wrong with the heroes that Melissa Foster creates. She hasn't made one yet that I haven't fallen in love with.

For eight months, Bear has been patiently waiting for his chance with Crystal. He's always there for her, providing comfort, affection, attention and security, while she runs hot and cold. There's no denying their mutual attraction, but Crystal's got some issues that make her afraid to start forever with Bear. Will she finally truly put her trust in him? And will Bear finally get everything his sweet heart desires? Read the book!

My dissatisfaction came from Crystal. I didn't like how she treated Bear. AT ALL! I'm not a fan of fake people either and she was a big fat phony. But despite that, I did love their story, but that had more to do with Bear than anyone or anything else. There's snark and drama and angst but through it all, there is so much love. When you're finished reading TRULY, MADLY, WHISKEY you'll understand how this character named bear easily captured my heart. I'm definitely looking forward to the stories for the other Whiskey siblings.

Release Date: April 10, 2017
Genre: Contemporary Romance
POV: Dual - 3rd person
Steam: 3.5 out of 5
Book Type: Standalone - crossover with characters from other books

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