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Review: Hartstrings by L.L. Collins

Hartstrings Hartstrings by L.L. Collins
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

L.L. Collins really knows how to create a tortured hero. I've met three of them so far and I've fallen for each one of them.

I just wanna squeeze 'em. Three men with tortured pasts that ruled their present. Thankfully Johnny and Beau found their HEAs with Bex and April. I knew it was only a matter of time for Tanner and I couldn't wait to see what the author had in store for his story.

Hopefully this isn't a surprise, but Tanner came from a physically abusive background. At 18yo, he changed his name and reinvented himself as Tanner Hart, bass player and manwhore extraordinaire. His reputation among the ladies was solidified back in Snared, but this book showed a different side to him. A side that was kind, considerate and protective. At least when it came to Mackenzie.

Mackenzie found herself stuck in an abusive relationship with her high school sweetheart. Although her thought process was very frustrating (i.e. "He loves me" and "He's the only one who'll ever love me")...

Finally enough was enough. With Tanner's never-ending support, she found the strength to leave her abuser.

This book had a bit more suspense than the others and focused less on Mac and Tanner's physical relationship and more on their emotional connection. I love the friends to lovers trope and it was handled exceptionally well in this story.

I see there will be a fourth book, Exposed: A Jaded Regret Novel. Is this finally Natalie's story? And will it involve the mysterious Kai?

Recommended to those who adore closure with their romance

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