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Review: The Devil's Wife by Gemma James

The Devil's Wife The Devil's Wife by Gemma James
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

By now, most of you are familiar with the fact that I'll be ranting about this book/series, not dissecting the plot. I'm going purely off emotion and I don't care. I absolutely love and respect the writing of this series because it has drawn strong feelings out of me!

I pitied Kayla and I hate to pity anyone. I don't mind offering sympathy to people because life can be tragic sometimes and there are circumstances beyond our control. I can even be empathetic regarding certain situations that I've lived through. But when I start to pity the fool?! That's when you know it's a sad state of affairs.
"I've spent more time on my knees than at your side." ~ Kayla to Gage

She makes that statement and still does nothing to improve her station in life. Her weak attempts at rebellion were weak and pathetic, especially because soon after she was all "Yes Master" and "Punish me, Master". Not to be too belittling, but her life, to me, was a joke and the only one allowed to laugh was Gage.

I get that I don't understand the dynamic of their relationship and I accept that. I'm sure many people read and appreciated the outright wrongness of what they shared. However, I wish that I could see more of the so-called love that is spoken of so freely. Words are great but in the end they're just words. I'm looking for a convincing tender moment, not one that Kayla and her psychosis feel is tender (when it so isn't). I get that Gage is a sadist, but he does have those moments when he is just a man and I cannot accept the fact that he refuses to treat Kayla as a woman, a human being deserving of so much more than what he is offering. I'm annoyed by how easily she allows him to quash her discontent. I'm irritated with the way that she tries to rationalize the irrational.

When all is said and done though... I freaking love this series!! I know... how could I when I feel this way? But it's because it's making me feel that I'm enjoying it so much. I'm ready to read the conclusion!

*Copy generously provided in exchange for an honest review*

Release Date: April 22,2016
Genre: Erotica
POV: Heroine - 1st person
Steam: 5 out of 5
Series or Standalone: Book 3 of the Devil's Kiss series

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