Review: For Logan by Soraya Naomi

January 02, 2017

For Logan by Soraya Naomi
My rating: 4 of 5 stars
Chicago Syndicate #5
Release: August 27, 2016
Length: 311 pages

Every action has a consequence...

Former agent Logan Wade has defected to the Chicago Syndicate.

After a lifetime of loss, Logan has no faith in ideals such as justice. He screws and discards women with ease, and deep down, he doesn’t even know who he is anymore.

However, Logan’s plans derail when he meets Rosalia Calderone, the mafia counselor's daughter. She's ten years younger, reckless and has an inability to keep quiet.

Shrouded under the secrets of her parents, Rosalia has been kept out of mafia business her entire life until unforeseen circumstances thrust her into Logan’s path.

As she grows closer to him, Rosalia sees that there’s much more to Logan than what he shows the world. Even though she realizes it's dangerous to fall for a closed-off man like him, she can't help but follow her heart.

But Rosalia is about to find out that love in the mafia can equal disaster.

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My Review

This book was a hot, steamy, intense and thrilling story!

It's labeled a standalone, however, I think it would be best enjoyed if you read the other books in the series first. It would give you a better understanding of the dynamic history of the characters, their family, their values, and their relationships.

I first met Logan when I discovered the love story of Luca and Fallon and I was always interested in his deal. Logan has always worked on the side of justice and currently works for the CIA. But he's become jaded and now his greatest wish is to become a made man, the capo di capo, of the Chicago Syndicate. He's incredibly loyal, astute, and honorable.

Rosalia is a mafia princess who was kept ignorant of the family business. She's the sister of Cam, who is the wife of Adriano, who is the Boss of the Syndicate. She's young, naive, bold, blunt, loyal and loving.

These two take a chance with each other and a chance on love. But there are outside forces that want to keep them apart and a mafia war brews on the horizon.

The body count rises, loyalty is test, and Logan and Rosalia have to fight to be together.

Recommended for lovers of mafia romance.

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