ARC Review of The Vanished Specialist by K Webster & Nicole Blanchard

April 02, 2019

The Vanished Specialist by K Webster and Nicole Blanchard
My lilapetal is dying...and I can’t save her.
The woman who brought me back to life may not live long enough to see me truly happy.
All the tests, the experiments have failed me...and I have failed her.
If I don’t devise a cure to save my alien, I’ll spend the rest of my existence on Mortuus alone.

The others believe my mate isn’t strong enough to survive. That she can’t breed and should be put back into cryosleep until she’s healed.

But I won’t allow it.

I will defy the only family I’ve ever known to save her.
Even if it means vanishing into the unknown.

She is all that matters and no amount of her protests will keep me from doing what I must to keep her safe.

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Release: April 3, 2019
Genre: SciFi Romance
Dual POV - 1st person
Heat: Descriptive
Type: Standalone - Lost Planet #2
Length: 151 pages
Format: eARC provided by IndieSage PR
The Forgotten Commander - ★★★★☆



I had to give this book full stars because it was so perfect in its simplicity. Maybe it's because the world building was already out of the way in the first book. Maybe it's because the characters themselves were just so easy to love. I don't really know. I'm only sure of the fact that this story had absolutely no drama, which made it an easy and pleasant and incredibly sexy read.

When Calix first saw Emery, she was laying frozen in a cryotube. He knew from the first glance that she would be his. When she cried in her sleep, he was the one to lick her tears. When she whimpered, his touch would ease her discomfort. And when she became conscious, it was to him that she was drawn to. But Calix's lilipetal was sick. She suffered a human ailment known as asthma and he knew, if he didn't figure out a way to heal her, her breaths were numbered.

I loved the smooth development of the relationship between Calix and Emery. It was them against the world and they moved as one right from the start. Whenever either of them defended the other or reaffirmed their affections, they had their own cheering squad of one over here. There was never any doubt that they belonged together and the authors didn't bother with giving us unnecessary angst. The story had enough drama of its own to drive the momentum of the plot and keep me engaged right to the end. I'm in love with these characters and this series is one not to be missed!

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