Review: DOG PART 1 by Bella Love-Wins

April 24, 2018

Dog by Bella Love-Wins
I was supposed to protect her, not fall for her... >
Kane is now top dog in the Rugged Angels MC, and has slept with half the eligible biker chicks in Tucson. He meets his match when Kim, daughter of his club's former president, just won't give in to his usual tricks. When Kim's father is shot, Kane steps up to protect her, and neither of them seem capable of handling the sparks that fly as the tension builds between them.

Note: Part 1 of a 2-part series.
Recommended for 18+ readers.

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My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Say what?

Luckily it was short.

My thoughts:

Kane was a manwhore. Newly president of the Rugged Angels MC. The former prez tells him that a rival MC took out his wife and needs him to protect his daughter. Okay, seems pretty straight forward, except for the fact that information was just thrown out there without any explanation. Parts of me felt like I was dumped into the middle of the story. As if things were happening in the background without my knowledge and I was left in the dark. This feeling didn't improve.

Kim was a blithering fool. She was quite verbal about her hatred for the MC life. She made it clear that she hated her dad and blamed him for her mother's death and her hate blanketed the entire crew. But then as soon as she hopped on Kane's bike, she transformed. Hate turned to lust, yet she remained ignorant and annoying.

You know what I can't stand? When a heroine is informed of imminent danger by people who are toting weapons of destruction and death, yet when she's offered assistance by those who can realistically protect her, she says something like "I can protect myself." Really ho? Really? Did you become a lethal assassin and I'm caught totally unaware? No? So what are you protecting yourself with?

I'm hoping book 2 gives me a reason to care whether she survives the attempts on her life.

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