Review // Resting Witch Face by Juliette Cross

November 30, 2023

I was done waiting for her to realize she could trust me. As her only lover. As her partner in life. As her devoted mate.

Resting Witch Face by Juliette Cross

Rating - ★★★★
Standalone - Stay a Spell #5
Genre/Trope - Paranormal Romance / second chance
Release - October 31, 2022
POV - Dual 1st person
Heat - explicit scenes
Source - Kindle Unlimited
Length - 366 pages

Twelve years ago, Jules Savoie ended her relationship with the vampire overlord of New Orleans, Ruben Dubois. For good reasons. A woman in power must often make sacrifices to protect others. She knows the truth of it down to her aching heart.

When Ruben watches his best friend Devraj get married, a stinging realization hits him hard…he’s done waiting. They say time heals all wounds. In this case, it merely sharpened the pain and made one fact crystal clear. Jules Savoie is his soulmate, and nothing would keep him from her. Not anymore.

Forced to work side by side to fight for the werewolf cause, they campaign together at covens from New Orleans to London. The reignited spark burns hotter than ever before. But when a power-hungry vampire sets his predatory sights on Jules, will their love be strong enough against black magic? Or will he lose her again? And this time, maybe…for good.

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"Since the day I realized you were my whole heart,
I've never stopped loving you.
Not for one painfully paralyzing minute."
~ Ruben

My Two Cents

Finally!! I can't tell you how excited I was to get to the truth behind what was brewing between Jules and Ruben. I knew it was something, but I couldn't even being to imagine how huge a deal what they shared was. It was deep and painful and these two were hurting for TWELVE YEARS!

I really enjoyed the power dynamic between these characters. Jules, as the eldest sister, was used to being the caregiver and didn't know what it was to have someone take care of her. Ruben wanted to worship and adore her and she finally opened her eyes to see all of the greatness they could have together.

Hindsight is a vicious bitch, but an excellent teacher.

There was an element of suspense in this one, like the others, but I think this one was more difficult to handle because it was extremely personal. That's about all the spoiler-y information I'm going to reveal. I did like the mystical chaos that was introduced and those scenes were incredibly entertaining.

I will admit that I'm not happy about this series coming to an end any time soon, but I think the next book, which will finally be about Clara and Henry, is the last. Say it ain't so!

The Author

Juliette lives in moss-laden Cajun country in Louisiana where she lives with her husband, four kids, and black lab, Kona.

She is a multi-published author of paranormal and fantasy romance with confident, persevering heroines and dark, sexy heroes.

While she enjoys reading and writing the dark, broody types, she also appreciates the fun, levity of humor in a good love story, so she tries to give her characters both on their way to their HEA.

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  1. You always make this series sound so good! I'm sorry it's coming to an end for you. I need to start it!


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