Review // Song of Dragons by Aja James

December 21, 2021

Song of Dragons by Aja James

She'd never seen anything as majestic, magnetic, and erotic as Andros the centaur.

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Song of Dragons by Aja James

Song of Dragons by Aja James

Dragon Tails #2
Release - December 24, 2021
Genre - Paranormal Romance / fated mates/ mythology / lgbt rep
Multiple POV - 3rd person
Heat Level - 5 out of 5 / so many exquisite scenes
Format/Source - eARC provided by NetGalley
Length - at least 200 pages
Publisher - Indie

Every lore of every clan, across time and space, dreamed of dragons. Did you ever wonder why?

Erebu and Sorin fought through countless lifetimes of trials and tribulations to find one another again. They even conquered death.

But Ere’s rebirth requires a price: he must answer the Celestial Summons when it comes and faithfully complete each task the Jade Emperor sets before him.

On the bright side, he doesn’t have to perform miracles alone. Sorin will be right there with him. One the not so bright side, his Fate, the Fate of all dragon Kind, and by extension, the Universal Balance, depend on the successful execution of each quest.

No pressure.

His second task is find and retrieve the Song of Destiny.

Location: Unknown. Time travel will be required.
Clues: Too few. But there may be a few harpies, a centaur, a giant Chinese Tibetan Mastiff and other mythical monsters along the way.
Accompaniments: His beloved Sorin (who is all he needs!) A spoiled, vain, high maintenance she-dragon (who he doesn't need). But whose enchantment spells have their uses from time to time.
Timing: ASAP. Determined by an arbitrary Sandglass in the Jade Emperor’s possession.

The end of the world may be just around the corner. Along the way, enemies may become lovers, reluctant friendships may form, and lots of hot, desperate, this-may-be-the-last-time-we-have-sex sex will definitely be had.

And who knows, you too may fall under the enchantment of…


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My Two Cents

5 "I'm gonna suffer some major withdrawal" stars

I honestly don't know where to begin.

I've been telling everyone since the beginning that this writer is a genius. From the characters, the plot, the intermingling of worlds, the mythology, the history, the intricate details that make the big picture... I CANNOT GET ENOUGH!!

It all happens in ancient Greece, during a time when myth and legend were real and fundamental. I had so much fun with the rich world the author created and found myself desperate not to finish this story.

First of all, there's more Ere and Sorin. Anyone who is anyone has gotta love these guys. Ere is always a guaranteed hoot, no exception. And Sorin, with his stoicism and silent support, is always perfection. Together, these men make my day each and every time!

Then we get the task, which is hilarious when I know I should be taking things seriously. From the vagueness of the mission to the elusive hourglass, I'm over here giggling my tail off.

At first, I didn't think I'd like Divina, which would suck because she'd be the first heroine I couldn't stand. She came off very superficial and flighty and it was an ordeal to try to take her seriously. However, I quickly learned there was so much more brewing beneath her surface. As a celestial dragon, she never really had to feel or suffer or long for anything. Then she meets Andros and her whole world, shoot everything she believed in, came crashing down. And who could really blame her? Andros was everything!!!!!

“I do want you. You must know that I do. I can’t stop touching you when you’re near. I can’t look away. I can barely think. I’ve never wanted anything or anyone as much as I want you. And that just…” She trailed off and gulped a breath before continuing in a whisper, “It scares me. I don’t know how to handle it.”

Speaking of Andros... this male had so much going for him. Gorgeous looks, long beautiful hair, luminous purple eyes... and HE WAS A FREAKING CENTAUR!! I wasn't sure how these two were gonna get busy, but the author solved that dilemma right quick and it was so effing hot. I mean 'oh lawd my virgin eyes' kinda hot. Yes, these two had me feeling like a born-again blushing virgin for all that they had going on and I loved it!! What won me over from the start though was his heart. He was such a kind, thoughtful, sweet soul who only wanted someone to call his own. For someone to know him. To love him as he would love them. He only wanted Divina.

“I am not afraid to hurt for you,”he repeated low, his manhood throbbing against her swollen, needy core in time with her own heartbeat and pulse. “I know you do not accept me fully. I know you are not mine the way I am yours. I will never ask you to give something you cannot. I only want you to be brave enough to hurt for me too.”
Her breath froze on a wet hitch as she stared into his clear, violet eyes. Suddenly, he smiled. An aching, sensual smile that made her heart skip a couple of beats, then ratchet back up in a thundering gallop. “Be brave when you claim me, my woman. I promise you I am worth it.”

Seriously, if you can't tell by all of my exclamation points, take my silly advice and start reading these books. If you love paranormal romance, mythology, the best heroes in the game, their equally to-die-for heroines, and stories that will keep you guessing, shrieking, sighing, fanning yourself, and definitely paying attention... GET TO READING!!

She’d never have enough. They moved together in a primal dance older than time. Bodies slicked with sweat. Scents fused; breaths combined. When she came at last, pulling him into the vortex with her, it was a soft, trembling, full-bodied surrender. Filled with quiet sighs and deep exhales. Worshipful. Reverent. And finally, a dragon who had been loved by many, but who never fell herself, understood what it was to give all of her being to another. Mind, body, heart and soul.

Song of Dragons by Aja James


“I don’t think he’s the kind of male who can just have sex and walk away,”she said softly in that small, guilty voice.
“I think he wants more. I don’t think I can give him what he wants.”
“Why not?”
“You don’t even know me or you wouldn’t ask!”
“That’s why I’m asking.”“I’m just…I’m just not the type of woman who commits to one man!”
“No need to shout at me.”
“I’m not!”
“My bleeding, tender eardrums beg to differ. You’re speaking with exclamation marks.”
Divina took a steadying, fortifying breath, her mouth flattening into a thin line.
She looked pissed. Ere approved of this look more than the blotchy, red-faced blubbering.
“You’re not very nice,”she noticed.
“Neither are you.”
At this, she stumbled and gaped at him.
“I’m the nicest person in the world! Everyone loves me! I make people happy! I love my babies—
”Ere snorted.
“You didn’t make the centaur stud happy.”
That made her retreat into stuttering.
“And maybe you bestow all that gushy goodness and effusive affection on all your creatures and everyone around you because you’re addicted to the affection and attention you get in return.”
“There’s a word for it. It’s called narcissism. Or, wait, maybe it’s HPD. Histrionic Personality Disorder.”

About the Author

Aja James just completed the Pure/ Dark Ones paranormal-fantasy romance series in 2020. If you want your heart battered, bruised, shattered and skewered, then put back together in the most glorious ways, check out the series below. Every couple gets an HEA, but they fight like hell for it on the way.

Aja is now working on her new series, Dragon Tails, because dragons are her favorite shifters of all!

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  1. I don't know why but that dragon coming out of the guy's head on the cover kind of creeps me out! I'm glad you enjoyed the book, though!

  2. I LOVE your pictures!! So... it sounds almost as if you love Andros too? But Kai better?? - PUC

    1. Thanks so much, luv! And how the heck am I supposed to decide?????


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