Review: Hot Stuff by Kim Karr

Hot Stuff Hot Stuff by Kim Karr
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

What can I say other than that Hot Stuff has become one of my favorite reads from Kim Karr! It was light, easy and fun. If you’ve read Sexy Jerk, then you might remember Lucas Carrington as he’s Nick’s baby brother. Destined for the NFL, football is his life and he can’t wait to join a team anywhere but in his hometown of Chicago. So when draft day comes around and he gets the call, imagine his utter disbelief and disappointment when he’s drafted to the Chicago Bears. Unhappy, miserable and irritated, he’s off to a rough start with his team, but thanks to some good teammates/friends, a solid coach, and the girl of his never-before-dreamed-of dreams, he makes the most of his opportunity.

🏈 Hot jock with a decent head on his shoulders
🏈 Said jock isn’t necessarily a manwhore. All prior activity is mentioned in passing and he doesn’t have a nasty reputation
🏈 This jock also happens to not rule out the possibility of commitment
🏈 The heroine is likable, personable, charming and enchanting
🏈 The story moves fluidly with plenty of plot and character building
🏈 The plot was not only realistic, but enlightening with respect to the behind-the-scenes elements of football

Hot Stuff was hot and steamy with tons of secret romance to whet anyone’s appetite. I’m a die-hard Kim Karr fan but even if I weren’t, I’d be one-clicking this book today!!

Release Date: September 27, 2017
Genre: Contemporary Sports Romance
POV: Dual - 1st person
Heat: 4 out of 5
Type: Standalone - character crossover from Sexy Jerk

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