ARC Review: DIESEL by Crimson Syn

April 10, 2018

Diesel by Crimson Syn
Jack Diesel is hiding something.
All rugged goodness, with a dark edge,
He’s the type of man who will get me into trouble.
The type of man I should stay away from.
There’s no avoiding someone like Diesel.
He’s a powerful magnet that lights my whole body on fire.
But he has secrets.
Secrets I can’t help but look into.
Secrets that are hindering me from being with him.
Secrets I intend to uncover.

Gabriela Cristiano is a delicious little spitfire.
She’s tough, cynical, and sexy as fuck.
She knows the power she wields on men and I’m no different because I crave her.
From the moment she fell on my lap, I can’t keep myself away.
One moment we’re arguing the next she’s on her knees before me.
She’s a rollercoaster ride I don’t want to get off of.
If only I could tell her about my past.
If only I could learn to love again.

Diesel has a dark past, but that won't stop him from making you squirm in your seats. Hold on to your panties ladies, Diesel's going to take you for a wild ride.
18+ Only Boys & Girls
Explicit Sexual Scenes & some serious Dirty Talking

This delicious story deserves a one-click!


My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Smut and bikers. What more can you ask for? Gabriela is hot, tough, and a badass tucked into a tiny package. And she finds Jack Diesel to be an irresistible mountain of goodness. These two want each other SO BAD but Diesel is holding himself back. He’s got a dark history that he just can’t seem to let go of. At least not until he’s taken revenge against the one person who caused him all of his pain. But Gabriela won’t let him risk his life alone. If he’s out for vengeance, then she’s got his back. His dark tunnel has finally found some light. So obviously this book was super hot with just enough plot to keep things interesting. The hunt for La Cruz is still on and I’m sure justice will be swift. Knox’s story is next and I can’t wait for the hotness and suspense to continue!

Release: 03.27.2018 | MC Romance | Dual POV - 1st person | Heat: 5 | Standalone - Hellbound Lovers MC #7

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