Review // Leopard's Hunt by Christine Feehan

April 01, 2024

Leopard's Hunt by Christine Feehan

Maya filled him with a soft feeling of something that bordered far too close to what might be growing love.

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Leopard's Hunt by Christine Feehan

Leopard's Hunt by Christine Feehan

Leopard People #14
Rating - 1/2
Release - February 20, 2024
Genre - Paranormal Romance / fated mates
POV - Multiple 3rd person
Heat - descriptive
Source - copy provided by the publisher
Length - 396 pages

Gorya Amurov might be known as his family's peacekeeper, but the leopard inside him wants nothing more than to claw to the surface and unleash hell. A harsh life has shaped him into a vicious fighter with a calm exterior, but Gorya knows it's only a matter of time until he loses all control. Deep down, he truly believes he'd be better off dead, and that no woman will ever accept him as a mate....

Maya Averina has spent years hunting the criminals who destroyed her life, and she always takes down her prey. She keeps to herself, stays under the radar, and never loses focus. But with her body burning up and her mind distracted by her first heat, an ambush takes her by surprise. Now she's trapped, an unmated female shifter about to be sold off to the highest bidder. Maya is ready to fight her way out—until the most dangerous, powerful man she's ever encountered arrives to set her free.

Gorya and his family were tasked with taking over several territories, clearing them of trafficking, by any means necessary. No one really expected much from Gorya. He was the quiet cousin, unassuming and the peace keeper. Beneath that calm facade lurked the deadliest predator of them all... and it seemed that Maya was the first to recognize him for exactly who he was.

I thought that missing a few books in this series would leave me blind to the wonder of this story, but I was immediately absorbed, not missing a single moment. I was caught up in the connection Gorya and Maya shared, the way their wolves maneuvered them together (or manipulated, depending on how you see it), and the incredible action scenes that the author let play out. Gorya was a dangerous being, but with Maya... these two were lethal.

I admired both characters for their strength, and not just the physical kind. They endured such horrors as children and young adults, but turned that trauma into a passion to right the wrongs done to them. They shared an almost symbiotic connection, both from their pasts and the leopards that were driving them. I loved Gorya for his patience and understanding, Maya for her willingness to try. They made my heart hurt in the best way.

With the amount of voices contributing to this tale, there was no shortage of detail or nuance to this story. Doing bad things for the right reasons should be their motto. I loved this couple so much and I can't wait dive into the books I missed.

Christine Feehan is a #1 New York Times bestselling author multiple times over with her portfolio including over 70 published novels, including five series; Dark Series, Ghostwalker Series, Leopard Series, Drake Sisters Series, the Sisters of the Heart Series and Torpedo Ink. All of her series have hit the #1 spot on the New York Times bestselling list as well. Her debut novel Dark Prince received 3 of the 9 Paranormal Excellence Awards in Romantic Literature (PEARL) in 1999. Since then she has been published by various publishing houses including Leisure Books, Pocket Books, and currently is writing for Berkley/Jove. She also has earned 7 more PEARL awards since Dark Prince.

I've been a writer all of my life -- it is who I am. I write for myself and always have. The ability to create pictures and emotions with words is such a miracle to me. I read everything; I mean everything! All kinds of books, even encyclopedias. I am fascinated by the written word and I love storytellers. It is a great privilege to be counted one myself.

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  1. Doing bad things for the right reasons has me intrigued! I love when characters are like that.

  2. What a lovely review you have here. I am so thrilled that you enjoyed this one as well. Not my favorite of the recent books, but it definitely was such a solid adventure, and I felt so hard for these characters and what they suffered.

    1. Their pasts were so horrific. I found it impossible not to fall for the survivors they were, the fighters they are, and all that they had to overcome to be just the right fit for each other.


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