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Throwback Thursday // Rock Stars

November 30, 2023

Hey everyone and welcome to another Throwback Thursday! Every week I'll be sharing my book recommendations within a romantic trope or theme.

Today I'm sharing the first five Rock Star romance books I loved and reviewed on the blog. I haven't read a ton of stories with this theme, but the ones I found... magnifique!

If you happen to know of a book in this trope that you think I'd love, please let me know down below :)

Sentenced by L.L. Collins

As per my review: Recommended to lovers of rock band stories and to those who love internal struggles with beautiful rewards

The entire series was a joy to read. There were broken characters, great connections, and it was all well-written. I would love to read more stories like these ones.

Find my review HERE

Fall With Me by Jayne Frost

One of my favourite bloggers, Jessica @Chatterbooks Book Blog, recommended this author's debut and I'm so glad I took the leap. You know it's a good book that it being the second in a series, it makes you want to read the first.

And yes, the first book was a solid read as well :)

Find my review HERE

Midnight Blue by L.J. Shen

I haven't read from this author in a while, but this is the last book of hers that I absolutely LOVED! These characters were both painful and beautiful and I didn't want to let them go in the end. Seriously, there should have been a book #2.

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My One Regret by Claudia Burgoa

This is easily one of my favourite books by this author! It's a second chance romance, with one character breaking both of their hearts for their own good. Tragedy bring them back together and everything between them, despite all of the pain, was absolutely wonderful.

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Staged by Olivia Cunning

Once again, it's Jessica's fault that I tried this author out. I know that she writes books with menage (which I don't like anymore *womp womp*), but this book doesn't have it. It has really great characters, an enemies to lovers theme with characters that never felt like enemies, and a whole lot of smutty love. It gave me a taste of what this author has to offer and I definitely need to go back for more.

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Throwback Thursday // Age Gap

November 16, 2023

Hey everyone and welcome to another Throwback Thursday! Every week I'll be sharing my book recommendations within a romantic trope.

Today I'm sharing the first five Age Gap stories that I loved and reviewed on the blog. It's been a while since I've talked about these books and I hope you find something new-to-you to read in this list. These stories used to feel taboo to me, but in my 'old age' I'm finding a new appreciation for them :)

If there's another book of this trope you think I'd enjoy, please let me know down below.

Signed by Marni Mann

Honestly, this was a bit of a filthy read. The hero is a grown man. The heroine is 18 years old. Their relationship is pretty secretive, but it played out in a delightful way that made these characters endearing. It was easy to forget that James was young because the author made her a very mature 18 year old. I loved this book!

Get it here: Signed (FREE with KU)
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Ain't Doin' It by Lani Lynn Vale

The entire Simple Man series is amazing, so you can't go wrong with any book you choose, but this one... it was special in its own way. Coke was once married to a woman who didn't fit, but he stuck it through for his daughter. Now free, he doesn't want the trouble EVER again. But trouble loves to find him and this time, Cora was the RIGHT woman for him. I really loved the dynamic between these characters and the ease in which they kind of just fell together.

Get it here: Ain't Doin' It
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Enzo by K. Webster

This story was short, but well done. Jenna was a foster kid about to age out of the system and Enzo was her caseworker. That dynamic alone makes this kind of icky, but the author did a great job keeping the creep factor to a minimum. Not every book from this author is a winner for me, but this one definitely was. There was a sweetness to the characters that worked for me.

Get it here: Enzo
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Blackout Pt.1 by Janine Infante Bosco

JIB writes stories full of action, angst, and plenty of heart. In this one, Blackie is an addict, constantly at war with his demons. Lacey is the Prez's daughter and she knows that fight. They understand each other in ways no one else could get and despite the heartache and pain, what they have with each other is nothing short of amazing. They're beautiful together and the journey was well worth the watch. This duet shows what happened after their happily ever after and every hardship, obstacle and triumph they endure.

Get it here: Blackout
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Destructively Alluring by N. Isabelle Blanco

An 11 year age difference doesn't mean much between consenting adults, right? This book was a sensual journey between two people who've known each other their whole lives. Dorian was absolutely obsessed with Demi and I loved it! The author rebranded so the title and cover are different, but the story is still deliciously the same.

Get it here: To Want You (new title)
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Throwback Thursday // Sports Romance

November 09, 2023

Hey everyone and welcome to another Throwback Thursday! Every week I'll be sharing my book recommendations within a romantic trope.

Today I'm sharing with you the first five Sports Romance books that I loved and reviewed on the blog. I haven't read a lot of stories dealing with athletes or competitive sports games, but the ones I have read have been mostly amazing. The heroes are crazy hot, right? If you've got a recommendation, please let me know.

Secrets of an Alpha Male by J.D. Hawkins

Connor is a sexy MMA fighter who went from no one to someone overnight. He's cocky, arrogant, and not very pleasing to read... until he meets Frankie. Her mellow attitude and chill vibes bring out the best in Connor, making this an entertaining read about a hero who redeems himself before the end.

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Breaking Cage by A.J. Pryor

I haven't read another book from this author since and I'm confused as to why. I enjoyed this book! It may have been a sports romance, but it had hints of mystery and intrigue as well. The hero, Derek, was an enigma and Hannah was desperate and determined to find out everything about him.

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Disengaged by Jamie Magee

This was the first time that a sports romance read was so dark for me. I wish I could find a book with a similar vibe. I never knew what would happen next and I can really appreciate a story that is so far from predictable that I can't hazard a guess about anything.

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Destiny on Ice by S.R. Grey

I'll never forget Mr.51 LOL!! This story was romantic and funny, sweet and charming and honestly... the same can be said for all of the books of this series. The Boys of Winter were hot, talented and absolutely devoted to the women in their lives.

Find my review HERE

Intended for Bristol by L.P. Dover

One thing I really enjoy about this author's books is how warm they feel, even when they're full of angst and drama. Jaxon was a sports star who kept messing up and Bristol was the woman who made him finally face his shortcomings. There is romance, sweetness and a touch of suspense.

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Throwback Thursday // Killers in our Midst

November 02, 2023

Hey everyone and welcome to another Throwback Thursday! Every week I'll be sharing my book recommendations within a romantic trope.

Today I'm sharing with you the first five books dealing with killer heroes and/or heroines that I loved and reviewed on the blog. I love these types of stories and find that there isn't a lot of them out there for me to read. If you've got a recommendation, please let me know.

The Missing Link by J.M. Sevilla

This book was intense! Once you really got started, it was non-stop action, suspense, and all sorts of nonsense. Jay may have been deadly, but Lily was a quick learner :) I really need to look into if this author wrote more than the two books from this series that I fell in love with.

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Cloak and Dagger by Nenia Campbell

This series was AMAZING!! It covers an assassin organization and the corruption(?) from within. I didn't like the heroine in this book, but she definitely grew on me as the series progressed. I'll be honest,but I fell in love with Michael (our killer) and couldn't get enough!

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The Red Ledger: Part 1 by Meredith Wild

Tristan Stone was one heck of an assassin. And while this was supposed to be a second chance romance with an edge, I didn't care half as much for Isabel as I did for Tristan. I only wished this story was way hotter than it turned out to be.

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Save Me by Tia Louise

This was the book that made me really fall in love with this author's writing. Mace and Jessa were a couple... and they were assassins. I loved it. It had love and suspense and the author did an incredible job balancing the action and romance. I wish she wrote more stories like this and gave me another couple like this one.

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Tainted by N. Isabelle Blanco and Dee Garcia

This was an incredible series of books. It features a cop hunting a serial killer and the mysterious woman he gets involved with. While this part is obvious, it's the rest that takes you on a path of deception, attraction and blood.

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Throwback Thursday // Vengeance and Vigilantes

October 26, 2023

Hey everyone and welcome to another Throwback Thursday! Every week I'll be sharing my book recommendations within a romantic trope.

Today I'm sharing with you the first five books posted on the blog dealing with vengeance and/or vigilantes. These stories are usually a win for me and I am always on the lookout for another stunner. If you know of any, please let me know.

I really love this trope and I hope if you haven't read any of the following books, you'll give one of them a try :)

Betrayed by a Kiss by Kris Rafferty

I remember, back in the beginning of my romance reading journey, I had asked my Goodreads friends for suspense recommendations and this one popped up a few times. It was so much better than I could have expected. It involves a somewhat naive hacker, a jaded ex-detective, and a plot to bring down corruption.

Find my review HERE

The Matriarch by Sloane Howell

I went through a time that whatever this author put out, I got my hands on it. The Matriarch is so different from anything else I had read from him at the time and I was hooked. I remember being bummed that there wasn't a book to follow. The story felt unfinished or maybe I was just greedy for more. If there is another book in this world he created, and you know about it, please please please leave that info below.

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Dirty Wicked by Shayla Black

I'm not the only one who is a huge fan of the 1001 Dark Nights world, am I? I've only read a few books in this series by Shayla Black, which I enjoyed, so when I saw this novella available, I knew I'd be in for a great read. I was right. There's just something about a sexy PI willing to lay everything on the line for his client that gives me tingles.

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Blood Script by Airicka Phoenix

This book made me fall for this author's words. It being my first pirate romance book, I knew I'd never look at anything naval the same way again! Captain James Crow was absolutely freaking delicious!!

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Unhinged by Natasha Knight

It's been a while since I've read from this author, but I know that the next book I pick up will test my boundaries in the best of ways. More suspenseful than dark, her words and the worlds she creates seem very realistic... and scary. This tells of a military man with tons of damage and the woman who may have done him wrong.

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