Love and Chaos by S.M. Soto

July 11, 2020

Love and Chaos by S.M. Soto
He’s my favorite prince. My favorite fairytale. He’s my dark knight in shining armor. A mafia prince I’ll love until the end of time.

Hell is rising.
People are dying…all in the name of love.
Tell me, can the Devil and his Angel survive the flames?
Deception and Blood were the counterparts, but now, can Sophia and Creed navigate their way through the never ending Chaos?

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It’s love and chaos—what I feel for her.

I have very mixed feelings about this book. Certain parts of it made it a five-star worthy read. Soto captured the greatness of Creed and everything he had to deal with as the son of a ruthless mafia boss and a man who would do whatever it took to protect the woman he loved. I was in love with each fighting scene and found Creed to be absolutely glorious whenever he was out for blood.

The Ghost was done playing games. Done keeping quiet. He really was becoming the King of Chicago. And what was even more terrifying? The fact that my sister would be there alongside him. - Garrett

This book started off right where the last one left off. Finlay had found Sophia again, as predicted, and the ensuing chaos was wonderful to witness. Seriously, the author knows how to entertain when it comes to the brutal face of this story. From the gun shots to the knife slices, I was totally there for all of that. I even liked that Sophia felt remorse for her actions and had realized how much she was to blame for the mayhem.

“You’re lucky it was only a concussion, bruised hip and a few droplets of blood this time.” There’s a warning in his tone that can’t be missed. My heart squeezes in a vise because he’s right. This is all my fault. Everything that happened today is my fault. All because I wanted to go out and get fresh air off the estate. I risked all our lives over something so foolish. Why didn’t I just take a walk through the garden? Why the hell did I think everything would be okay? Especially with Finlay still out there.

But then I got to the middle of the story and, for the most part, it was extremely boring. Like the last book, I felt like we were gifted with a bunch of filler. There were pointless conversations and meanderings, most of the internal thoughts seemed repetitive, and if I had to read another sentence in which Creed talks about his angel or Sophia talks about the things she loves about Creed, I think I would scream. It was utterly ridiculous. The only thing that made it even a bit palatable was what Creed had going on with Finlay. Loved it! I love whenever he got creative with the torture.

Speaking of repetitive, this is just a sample of what I had to deal with...
“I am undeserving. She’s the light to my darkness. She’s a bright beacon where I leave a taint. She has the kind of innocence about her that could shred through the darkest of souls, flaying them open.”

...she’s the light to my darkness. The brightest beacon in my life.

and then some variation of this...
He’s my favorite prince. My favorite fairytale. He’s my dark knight in shining armor. A mafia prince I’ll love until the end of time.

and this...
All I see is him. All I feel is him in the warm glow of my heart. The imprint on my soul.

Please, please freaking spare me.

Things picked back up towards the end and I fell in love again. Even the epilogue had me smiling. Did I love this book? No. No I did not. However, it was necessary to reach some sort of conclusion to everything that had happened from book one so I'm happy for it. I'm not sure if this is the end of the story for Creed and Sophia and if there were to be another book for them in the future, I'd probably be all over it.

* This was a review for an ebook borrowed through Kindle Unlimited

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