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April 07, 2022

Erebus by Alessa Thorn

You are wrath made woman, Medea, and I can't get enough of it

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Erebus by Alessa Thorn

Erebus by Alessa Thorn

Standalone - The Court of the Underworld #7
Release - October 4, 2020
Genre - Paranormal Romance
Primarily Dual POV - 3rd person
Heat Level - 3.5 out of 5 / a few scenes
Format/Source - ebook borrowed from Kindle Unlimited
Length - 190 pages
Publisher - Thornstar Publishing Pty Ltd

The titan of darkness clashes with the witch queen of Corinth in this final and epic instalment of The Court of the Underworld.

Erebus let his monstrous side loose in order to save Medea from Darius, but pushing it back down is proving more challenging than he expected. It fact, it's almost bloody impossible when the beautiful and terrifying witch is trying to fight him every chance she gets. But damn, is it fun.

After fifteen years of being experimented on, Medea, the most hated woman in all of Greek history, is free and planning her revenge on Darius and his followers. She needs to keep her rage and madness under control, and being around a certain titan makes all of worst impulses rise to the surface.

As Darius's final plan to start a war between man and gods is finally revealed, Erebus and Medea are going to have to work together and embrace each other's dark sides in order to save Styx...and maybe even save each other in the process.

EREBUS is a new story based on characters from Greek Myth. It contains adult content, including violence, swearing, and steamy sex scenes.

My Two Cents

4,5 "Embrace the Darkness" stars

Everything was leading to this... and I enjoyed the heck out of it!

It's all come to a head. Our heroes have practically decimated what's left of Pithos, but Darius still believes he has moves to make. I thought it was hilarious that this dude, this human thought he could take on the gods and goddesses, but he made things entertaining.

So I found plenty to like about this story, such as:
😈 whenever Erebus took his true form and completely annihilated everything. How did I fall in love with shadows?
😈 the way the author characterized Medea, humanizing her in a way. She had such lovely vulnerable moments and yet she was so strong and fierce. She really was the best match for Erebus
😈 how all of the characters came together as a family. They all moved so beautifully together
😈 the laughs. I won't forget all of the funny moments amidst the mayhem
😈 how incredible scars can seem. Who knew?
😈 and so much more. I'm obviously not going to spoil things

My question about Ariadne's fate as a human was answered. My heart has been owned by these people. And here at the end of the series, I'm not sure what to do with myself. Hmmmm... probably start on this author's other one!

Favorite Quotes

"You are definitely crazy, but you don't need to apologize for it. You're in the right company," Erebus replied, reaching over to gently move her hands away from her mouth. "You don't need to hide it. Be as crazy as like, you fucking earned it."
Medea stared at the roof of the truck and calmed her laughter. "I really did. How do I keep surviving all of this?" she asked, sounding a little hopeless.
"Because you can't die until you get your revenge on those that wronged you."
"And what happens when there's no one left to kill, Erebus? What will I be then?"
"Terrifyingly magnificent at whatever the fuck you decide you want to be, Medea," he replied without hesitation.

»»————- ♔ ————-««

Medea reached for the hem of her black shirt and pulled it off over her head. Erebus lost the ability to breathe as she unclipped her bra. Maintaining eye contact, she pulled off her jeans. No underwear again, he noticed.
Ichor was roaring through his ears, drowning out the other sounds. Erebus looked her over, hands gripping the arms of his chair. She was literally covered in scars. Even her lovely brown nipples had lines through them where Darius or Kayne had dissected them.
Very slowly, Medea turned so he could see the ruined state of her back and heart-shaped ass.
"Say something," she whispered. Medea thought he was silent because he was disgusted. It was because he was speechless with how much he wanted her. Every broken and mangled part.

»»————- ♔ ————-««

"The darkness has always made me feel safe, so I used to talk to the shadows like they were my friends," she continued. "I had forgotten about that until the night you saved me. I hate admitting that out loud, but you did. You saw what they were doing to me and you came for me. No matter how mad I get at you, I'm always going to love you for that, you asshole."

About the Author

Alessa Thorn believes that all monsters and villains deserve their happy endings. She prefers her clothes black, eyeliner winged and books full of hot romance. She thinks heroes are boring, so her first series 'The Court of the Underworld' centers around dark gods, monsters and villains from her favorite Greek Myths.

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