Review: Hot Blooded Prizefighter by Mickey Miller & Holly Dodd

May 27, 2017

Hot Blooded Prizefighter by Mickey Miller & Holly Dodd
My rating: 4 of 5 stars
Standalone - Windy City Bad Boys #2
Release - May 16, 2017
Genre - Sports MMA Romance
Dual POV - 1st person
Heat - 4 out of 5
Length - 255 pages


I'm the king of trash talking, but this time my mouth has signed a check I'm not sure I can cash. Now, I'm fighting in the biggest publicized spectacle, with a chance at a massive payday. I have two months to make this work and prove that I'm the true world champion.

Except, my handlers think I need refinement. You can't fix perfection, but that doesn’t stop my new style coach from trying. Crystal Lawson is set on keeping our relationship platonic, but I can see the lust in her eyes and feel the craving in her touch. We're supposed to keep this professional, but I f*cking love a challenge. I might be an animal in the ring, but I am a beast in bed. Before our time is through, she's going to be screaming my name.


I should have walked away. My sanity isn't worth being secluded on a remote island with a barbarian. I should be having the time of my life. I'm doing the job of my dreams, surrounded by the best fighters MMA has to offer and gorgeous beaches.

There's just one problem; Connor McGrath. The arrogant and sexy-as-hell Irish fighter tests my every nerve. I hate him for dragging me into this situation. But every time I see him, I long to trace his tattoos and lick his abs. I’m stuck in paradise with him for sixty days with no way out, and a runaway libido.

As the nights grow hotter, and the chemistry between us threatens to erupt, I can't help but wonder if beauty ever tamed the beast.

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Another great banger from the partnership of Mickey Miller and Holly Dodd. I was impressed with their first venture, Dirty CEO (loved me some Vince), and book two of this series has cemented my fandom. I was already intrigued by Connor (he had me laughing in book 1) and so I was happy AF to get the chance to read his story.

Connor was an Irish-born MMA fighter whose trash-talking had him appearing as an unsafe bet for endorsements. What he needed was an image consultant and Crystal was just the right woman for the job. The chemistry between these two was instant and hot as hell. They were freaking combustible. While Crystal didn't really do it for me (she actually annoyed me with her judgmental attitude and at times I found her not only rude but disrespectful), Connor more than made up for her deficiencies. He was raw, real, open, humble, funny, honest and caring while managing to be quite dominant, alpha, and a successful fighter. I even adored him when he was being arrogant, rough, aggressive or obtuse. I appreciated the deviation from making all heroes unrealistically drop-dead gorgeous. The authors made Connor seem so real.

There's insanely hot sex, interesting dialogue, some drama thrown in to keep things spicy, and a sweet love story to boot to keep any romance reader happy. I'm eager to see what these authors will collaborate on next.

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