Review: Animal by Jenika Snow

August 22, 2017

Animal by Jenika Snow
My rating: 3 of 5 stars
Standalone - A Real Man #15
Release - August 19, 2017
Genre - Smut
Dual POV - 1st person
Heat - 4 out of 5
Length - 72 pages

Being bad never felt so good.

I'd been called bad, dangerous … a criminal. And I didn't deny it. Everyone knew it, especially the one woman I wanted but couldn't have.

I should've stayed away, should've left her alone. Jessa was the daughter of my business partner, too young for me, too innocent.

But I wanted her in the worst of ways, and no amount of self-control could keep me from her.

I wanted to claim every part of her, make her know what it was like to have a real man between her thighs.

And I’d have her.

He was older than me, dangerous, masculine in the best of ways. I saw how he watched me, the looks he gave me when he thought I wasn't paying attention.

Rye wanted me, even if he'd never do anything about it.

I was just the virgin daughter of his business partner, not someone he'd ever get involved with. But that didn't stop me from lusting after him, from picturing his big body over mine, his hands touching me until I cried out for more.

But I was tired of waiting. I would make the first move, and damn the consequences.

Warning: The hero of this story might seem like the “bad guy,” but no fears because it’s a safe read, there isn’t any OW drama, and he only has eyes for one woman. It’s a hot and dirty story, short and to the point, and exactly what you’ve come to expect in the Real Man series.

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Well, this one was short and sweet. Jessa, a 19-year-old college student, was lusting after and in love with her father’s best friend and business partner, Rye. While the attraction seemed to be mutual, she hesitated making her feelings clear in fear of his possible rejection. For his part, Rye was also lusting after and in love with Jessa, however, because of his friendship with her father, his illegal activity, and their age difference, he never made a move. And then their mutual desire became hard to resist. As I said, this was short. It had non-existent character development and very little in the way of plot. It was smut, plain and simple and it gives you just what you expect. I happened to enjoy it and will continue to look forward to whatever Jenika Snow thinks up next!

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