Review: It's You #1 by Katy Regnery

January 06, 2017

It's You by Katy Regnery
My rating: 4 of 5 stars
It's You #1
Release: January 3, 2017
Genre: Paranormal Romance
Dual POV - 3rd person
Heat: 3 out of 5
Length: 246 pages

the most beautiful boy in the world kissed me.
I've never been able to forget.
Perhaps it was his jet-black hair,
or the changing copper-color of his eyes,
the intense way he looked at me...
or the fact that he awakened my passion for the first time,
at once otherworldly yet heartbreakingly real.

After that kiss, I never saw him again.

His name was Jack Beauloup.
Jack, my "Beautiful Wolf."

Twenty years passed.
He has returned.
For me.
Jack Beauloup and Darcy Turner share one, perfect kiss in high school before he vanishes from sleepy Carlisle, NH without a trace.

Twenty years later, Darcy, who has never forgotten Jack, is shocked when he suddenly appears as a guest at her cousin's wedding. Their attraction to one another is just as searing as it was in high school, but immediately there are a landslide of questions that need answers. Where did he go? Why did he disappear? And what made him return?

As they find their way back to each other, they will discover that the secrets Jack holds are enough to bind them for life, or rip them apart forever.

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And that about sums it up. No need for me to rehash the plot. Darcy and Jack meet, literally fall in love at first sight, and share a kiss during one summer. That was 20 years ago. Darcy doesn't see him again but can't forget him. She hasn't been able to let him go. Now he's back to claim her, to fulfill all of their desires, and to make their dreams come true.

I absolutely loved Jack/Jacques. He was divine book boyfriend material. His love and devotion for Darcy seemed unparalleled. He was handsome, sexy, charismatic, smart, caring, sensitive, had a secret, and the list goes on. I FLOVED him!!

I'm really enjoying this duet. I love when authors step outside the box and Katy Regnery not only did it, but she slayed her attempt! The paranormal romance genre has a new contributor and I for one am excited to see what else she will come up with.

As for the story of Jack and his Darcy, I'm interested in how their HEA will play out. There are quite a few obstacles in their way, but if I had to guess, Jack will have no problem overcoming them. On to book 2!

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