Peace Keeper: Part One by Aaron L. Speer

January 02, 2020

Peace Keeper: Part One by Aaron L. Speer

Sometimes to find the answers to the present, we have to look to the past...

What did I think?

Spectacular. Phenomenal. Thought-provoking. Evocative. Scary. Worthy of the rereads to come. And I. Wasn't. Ready!

I've waited almost two years for this moment, for the chance to get back into the twisted story that has captivated from its start. This story is rich with culture and tradition, customs and rules, morals and virtues, friendship and enmity, honesty and betrayal, love and hate. There are caring and compassionate humans as well as immoral and corrupt ones. Vampires who treat humans as meat and one vampire who seems to cherish humanity. There are werewolves who have a time-honored bond that is broken with the misery that only dark magic can bring. Peace Keeper: Part One has so many moving parts and it is all set to blow your mind against the backdrop of WWII. The atrocities and horror the author introduced not only warped my mind, making me wonder just where in his twisted brain do these ideas even come from, but that had me thinking about what kind of world we live in. Not all humans are just or kind and Speer didn't shy away from revealing the ugliness of all that could be possible.

I could sit here and tell you so much more about the plot, the characters, my theories, etc. I could continue to extol the incredible talent that this author consistently demonstrates. I could, but... I've given it five stars. Doesn't that tell you something? Get to one-clicking!

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About the Book

As Australia joins with England in declaring war on Nazi Germany, the vampires of Sydney are under strict instructions: a human war is none of their affair. Privately, King Vincent learns of a weapon being created inside the Empire of Japan. One said to be powerful enough to devastate vampire kind. How will he uncover its secret?

Meanwhile, Duke Slade prepares his pack for war as he receives alarming news. A spellbook, one of three ancient items leading to absolute power, has been found on his land. Should it fall into the hands of the Axis, will anything in the world stop Hitler?

But the book holds something within its pages: a dark presence unlike anything he's ever known. And it doesn't care about pack dynamics or the war threatening all of Europe. It has no allegiance, no conscience, bar its unshakable will to be free. Will it destroy everyone that gets in its way?

About Aaron L. Speer

I love writing adult paranormal fiction. Vampires, werewolves, ghosts... oh my. I've been writing since I was 11 but I've always been a dreamer... often getting caught staring off into space as I created stories in my mind.

One of my stories, Night Walker (Undeadly Secrets Series Book 1), won the 2017 Golden Stake Award at the International Vampire Film and Arts Festival held in Transylvania annually. I'm still quite chuffed about walking away with it after facing some great contenders.

The Fourth book in what some refer to as The Undeadly Secrets Saga released in early 2018 and I followed that with my first Contemporary Romance (MMA) release in August of 2018. I also have a short story thriller series, The Independents, and will be branching out into other genres in the coming year.

My favourite activities include spending time with family, dragging my forever patient wife to watch my beloved St George Illawarra Dragons, popping into the movies for the latest blockbusters, going to the gym for my dream body. Or just a body. Anything, really.

My beautiful wife and I welcomed our first child into the world in 2017. My fans declared him the Prince of Speerverse and claimed he seemed to take after me in his want to build the tension as high as possible... making us and our loved ones wait 3 long days for him to make his entrance. My wife and I live with the love of our lives in Sydney, Australia: the setting for the majority of my works.


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