Review: Aligned: Volume 4 by Ella Miles

January 02, 2017

Aligned Volume 4 by Ella Miles
My rating: 4 of 5 stars
Aligned #4
Release: June 29, 2016
Length: 220 pages

I know who tried to kill me.

The same man that raped me is the same man that tried to kill me. Twice. I have some evidence, but not enough. I want revenge, but every step I take towards getting that revenge I feel myself drifting further from Landon.

I'm going to lose him.

I'm going to lose everything that I care about. All I can focus on is revenge. Maybe then I will be able to put the past behind me. Maybe then I can truly heal. I just hope I don't lose him and myself in the process.
__ __

She's pregnant.

Caroline has always held my deepest darkest secrets, but now she thinks she has another one. One that could control me. I can't be a father though.

I'm a monster.

The baby can't be mine. If it is, I already know my future. I'll lose the woman I love. The only woman I've ever wanted.

Aligned is a 4 part series that is a little bit dirty and grows darker with each book. This book concludes the series.

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My Review

Volume 1 - ★★★★☆
Volume 2 - ★★★★☆
Volume 3 - ★★★★☆


This was definitely the best volume of the series. So much was happening and the suspense part really came to a head in an incredible way. I was really only annoyed by how OTT and unrealistic the characters were in some instances. Like...

How possible is it to remove semen from one's breast and place it in the vaginal canal (passing through the cervix) to impregnate oneself? Especially when there was no mention of a turkey baster or some such implement to assist in the 'delivery'? According to Google (and yes I feckin looked it up), sperm can only survive from 20 minutes to an hour depending on it being in a warm environment. Hmmmm...


There were so many other crazy things this one girl did, but then everyone forgave her!!!! And she was even given her own POVs to show her feckin craziness, like I was supposed to sympathize with her.

So the series on a whole: 3.5 solid stars!!


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