ARC Review: WHAT THE HAIL by Lani Lynn Vale

December 14, 2017

What the Hail by Lani Lynn Vale
He’s wanted her since he repossessed her car and made her cry.

Baylor Hail knew two things. One, he hated crying females. Two, it was even worse when he was the one to make that female cry.

He never meant to do anything but his job, but when one thing leads to another, suddenly all he can think about is the broken woman whose car he towed.

She’s wanted him since he patted her back and told her it was okay to cry even though she knew he was lying.
Nothing ever goes right for Lark.

Not when she got married. Not when she tried to leave her abusive husband, and not when she arrived in a new town with a fresh, clean slate.

That clean slate came courtesy of a secret organization that specializes in helping abused women find a way out. They set her up with a whole new life. It just turns out that it happened to be right smack dab in the middle of another woman’s old one.

That woman also happens to be down on her luck, something that Lark learns the hard way when on her first day there, her car is towed by a handsome stranger.

It’s been two years since she’s felt any kind of sexual attraction toward a man, and she reacts badly. We’re talking full-on, hysterical breakdown as he loads her car onto his tow truck while looking at her like she’s lost it.

Maybe being crazy isn’t all that bad.

The next thing she knows, she’s spending time with the sexy stranger and life couldn’t be better—even though she still doesn’t have a car.

She thinks she’s in the clear, that she’s got it all figured out… well, that is until her ex-husband finds her again.
Now the ball is in her sexy stranger’s court as he decides whether or not her kind of crazy is worth getting killed over.

Turns out, for Baylor Hail, maybe it is.

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My rating: 5 of 5 stars

In - flipping - credible!!

This was my first foray into Lani Lynn Vale’s world. What The Hail was the first book I picked up of hers to read. And amid the chuckling, giggling, nail biting, horror, sympathy, envious lust, and all-consuming joy at the love found between the characters, I couldn’t help but think ‘What the heck took me so long to read from this author???’

Well, I’ll be correcting this lapse tout suite. Because if her other books are anything like the story I just got of Baylor and Lark, I’m in for tons of treats. Good thing it’s my birthday week and close to Christmas and I’ve been a good girl. I’m deserving ;)

Lark had escaped a nightmare. Her nightmare was her ex-husband who would rather see her dead than happy and free. She has relocated to a small town to try to move on with her life. She wasn’t looking for love until it literally hit her upside the head. Baylor was a veteran who now worked as a tow truck driver. He hadn’t been with anyone in ages but he couldn’t get Lark off of his mind. Their first encounter was HILARIOUS and the hilarity didn’t stop there. These two were a match made in heaven with a lot of awkwardness, quirks, humor, and good old-fashioned loving to make them truly unique.

So much of my copy of this book ended up being highlighted and it was hard to choose which parts to share. This author truly has a way with words and whether I was rolling on the floor laughing or swooning over the hero’s antics, I was captivated.

🤣 Some girls are Malibu Barbie. I’m that weird knock-off, store-brand ‘Barbie’ that looks like she’s from the hood and has gone a few rounds with life.

🤣 I’m old school. When I wake up, my eyebrows are already on my face.

🤣 Baylor saying his left nut sack is his favorite because it’s closest to his heart
🤣 Pretty much anything that Baylor says. He was a freaking riot!!

I laughed so much during this book. And although there was a huge suspense plot woven into the fabric of this story, its main focus was on these characters, their interactions, the side characters, and the daily hijinks everyone was able to find themselves in. The love was what was the loudest in this book. There was so much compassion, generosity, affection and basic human kindness in this story. I am not ashamed to admit that I fell in love with every aspect of this story (except for Sal - which is a given).

Seriously, if you’re like me and haven’t tried this author before, ONE CLICK!! If you’ve already sampled her wares, then you already know that she’s amazing, so I’m sure you’ll be one-clicking anyway ;)

Release Date: December 14, 2017
Genre: Romantic Comedy
POV: Dual - 1st person
Heat: 4 out of 5
Type: Standalone - Book #4 of the Hail Raisers series

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