April 30, 2019

Infraction by KI Lynn
Breach #2
Release Date: August 31, 2013
Genre: Erotic Romance - office
Heroine POV - 1st person
Heat: 4.5 out of 5
Length: 285 pages
Format: ebook provided by Foreword PR
Publisher: Catastrophic Press
Breach - ★★★★✩

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REAPER by Crimson Syn

April 29, 2019

Reaper by Crimson Syn
Death Row Shooters MC #1
Release Date: April 23, 2019
Genre: MC Romance - second chance
Dual POV - 1st person
Heat: 4.5 out of 5
Length: 173 pages
Format: eARC provided by the author

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Title: Nocturnes & Nightmares
Series: The Sandman Duet #1
Author: Keri Lake
Genre: Romantic Thriller/Romantic Suspense
Release Date: April 29, 2019

CORRUPTED by N. Isabelle Blanco & Dee Garcia

April 28, 2019

Corrupted by N Isabelle Blanco and Dee Garcia
St. Cecilia Slayings #2
Release Date: April 30, 2019
Genre: Erotic Romance Thriller
Hero POV - 1st person
Heat: 4.5 out of 5
Format: eARC provided by the authors
Book One - Tainted - ★★★★★

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April 27, 2019

Series Cover Redesign and Sale
Dates: April 24th through April 30th
Cover Design: Lori Jackson Design

Available Now
Breach (Breach Series - Book 1)
His body was sin, his cock was sin, and I was a sinner.
To keep myself safe I hide in the world and let life move around me.
My new partner, Nathan, isn’t safe. Far from it.
The darkness coils around him, hidden by a shield created by a blinding smile. But those who live in darkness see past the fa├žade we create.
Even in darkness, there is light. A spark that ignites, then explodes.
Every filthy word from his mouth, every possessive touch—I crave them, need them. Violent and passionate and everything I need to fill the void inside me, but one thing is missing.
He can never love me.
More than my heart is on the line, and I don’t know if I’ll survive our breach.

BREACH by K.I. Lynn

Breach by KI Lynn
Book One of the Breach trilogy
Release Date: April 21, 2013
Genre: Erotic Romance - office
Heroine POV - 1st person
Heat: Explicit - 4.5 out of 5
Length: 293 pages
Format: ebook provided by Foreword PR
Publisher: Catastrophic Press

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Heroines I'd Like to Throat Punch

April 26, 2019

Sometimes I'll really love a story and hate the heroine. She drives me nuts in incomparable ways. She aggravates me and makes me want to reach in and shake the crap out of her. She annoys me and makes continuing to read an almost impossible task. The following are some of the women who cause my violent thoughts...

ONE DARK THRONE by Kendare Blake

Three Dark Crowns #2
Release Date: September 19, 2017
Genre: Young Adult Fantasy
Heat: mentions of sex amongst the characters, but no details
Multiple POV - 3rd person
Length: 464 pages
Format: paperback purchased from Chapters Indigo
Publisher: Harper Teen

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April 24, 2019

"Utterly addictive, fascinating, hilarious, and absolutely electric chemistry!"

-- Samantha Young, New York Times Bestselling Author

New York Times bestselling author Penny Reid’s The Laws of Physics Trilogy is complete with TIME!



Sweet Poisons by Natalie Bennett
(Pretty Lies, Ugly Truths Duets, #1)
Publication date: Spring 2019
Genres: New Adult, Romance
A dark and sordid New Adult duet coming spring 2019. 
Rhett Sullivan.

Mysterious boy painted in shades of red.

Nova Markov

Eccentric girl dripping in sunshine.
He was the type mother’s warned their little girls about—a cocky, rich asshole with a pretty smile, unapologetically insane and wild.
I was the type guys like him usually ignored—a free spirit who hid my crazy beneath an odd good girl facade, and the art hanging on my studio walls.
We were opposites in every way but one, and we collided like two runaway trains that never had a chance of stopping.
What blossomed between us, our ‘relationship’, was maniacal.
We got stuck in a cycle of madness.
Rhett Sullivan became a bittersweet poison I couldn’t get enough of.
In the end, that’s what destroyed me.
Because in the end?