REAPER by Crimson Syn

April 29, 2019

Reaper by Crimson Syn
Death Row Shooters MC #1
Release Date: April 23, 2019
Genre: MC Romance - second chance
Dual POV - 1st person
Heat: 4.5 out of 5
Length: 173 pages
Format: eARC provided by the author

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About the Book

I’m called The Reaper
due to the countless men I’ve sent to their graves.
Bad men that have touched the people I love.
Men that ruined the life of an Angel.
My Angel.
I sent her into hiding and now I want her back.
She can fight me all she wants,
But when the dead rise,
Only The Reaper can save his Angel.


Ryan Simon is my curse and my salvation.
He leads the darkness that I’ve been running from, my whole life.
When I think I’ve finally been freed,
He shows up to claim what is his.
I yearn for his touch,
Yet I’m afraid of the burn.
But when our past comes hurling back at us,
He’s the only one I can trust to keep me alive.

My Review


Read the blurb - it sums this story up pretty well. The Reaper is determined to reclaim what was always his, Cecilia is determined not to make it easy for him, and there are enemies lurking in the shadows. This story was insanely hot. Second chance romances are usually exceptionally sweet, but this one was incredibly raunchy. I freaking loved it!! I enjoyed getting to know the characters that make up the Death Row Shooters, starting with their Prez, and getting some crossover with the Hellbound Lovers MC. It's good to know that though some stories might be over, this author doesn't completely let them go. So we got tons of hot sex, insane chemistry, suspense, and a happy for now ending. Poe is next and I'm looking forward to finding out what happened in Hong Kong.

About the Author
Crimson Syn is a new erotica author. She delves into those hot and heavy stories where her characters are pushed to their sexual limits. Her wicked pen dips into every little niche, even if it’s wrong and kinky. Vanilla, BDSM, BBW and that twisted taboo is what she wants to make you crave.
Her Hellbound Lovers MC series is her first attempt at a bad boy biker series. If you're looking for sweet and innocent, you'll find it, but not in that wholesome way you're used to. No. Miss Syn delivers sex at its best, and the more innocent you are the more her alpha males will attempt to defile you.
Miss Syn is passionate about her family, her friends and her writing. Where she travels is her next setting, and her fantasies and dreams are her inspiration. She writes her alpha males tough and rough, and she expects for her female leads to be independent, bright women with lots of sexy curves.

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