Review: Levi's Blue by M. Leighton

January 02, 2017

Levi's Blue by M. Leighton
My rating: 5 of 5 stars
Release: September 19, 2016
Length: 413 pages

Four beautiful days. Three steamy nights. One breathtaking love.

Levi Michaelson. He wanted four dates. Four opportunities to prove I could trust him. Four chances to change my mind about him.

I agreed.

Probably not my smartest decision. He was everything I knew to avoid—gorgeous, charming, sexy as hell—but I couldn’t help myself. When he touched me the whole world disappeared. I should’ve known I could lose myself to him, that he could be the one man to destroy me.

I guess it’s true what they say—some things are too good to be true. And Levi Michaelson might just be one of them.

Unzip this sexy, southern contemporary romance that’s guaranteed to make you sweat and make you swoon!

Standalone. HEA. Intended for mature readers.

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My Review

4.5 "I LOVE Levi and his Levi blue skies" stars!!

This story was chock full of feels. So many feels. I couldn't help but sympathize with Evie's (h) plight. As her story started to unfold, my compassion for her only grew. I cannot imagine what this must be like (sorry for being vague but I don't want to give away the plot), but the author created an incredibly fierce character that I couldn't help but like. Evie was beautiful, strong, talented, adaptable and a great maker of cold beverages.

Levi (H) ... I LOVED this character so much and despite (or maybe because of) his past and his past actions, he became a better man for Evie. He found the meaning of his life with her. Their relationship was so sweet, the banter was so witty, and their chemistry was so off-the-charts hot! What I loved the most about Levi was how far he was willing to go to achieve a HEA with Evie. I'm a real sucker for a man who knows how to humble himself for his woman.

Nothing. Better.

There was obviously some conflict and there were plenty of people I wanted to throat punch. *cough* Julianne *cough* M. Leighton even handled the angst in a way that made me love this couple even more. The story was beautifully written with amazing characters and the epilogue was absolutely amazing. I couldn't have imagined a better ending for these two.

A copy was provided by the author in exchange for an honest review

P.S. In the acknowledgements, the author gave a link to John Bramblitt's work and it is remarkable. I'm not an art connoisseur or anything, but I do believe that his work is not only unique because he is blind, but it is better than a lot of what I've seen from those who CAN see. You should check it out:

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