Throwback Thursday // Mafia or Organized Crime

June 06, 2024

Hey everyone and welcome to another Throwback Thursday! Every other week I'll be sharing my book recommendations within a specific romantic trope or theme.

Today I'm sharing five Mafia or Organized Crime books I loved and reviewed on the blog. I love the light and easy ones, the dark ones, and even the terrifying ones. Seriously, the scarier and more intense, the better. If you've got a recommendation, please send it my way!

Ravage Tillie Cole

Ravage by Tillie Cole

Every book I've ever read from Tillie Cole has been spectacular and this book was no different. The entire Scarred Souls series is amazing and I recommend starting from the beginning with Raze. Broken heroes, suffering and an emotional overload are just a few things to expect.

Find my review HERE

In the Beginning London Miller

In the Beginning by London Miller

This book had me hooked from the opening scene! While I haven't read much from this author, the Volkov Bratva series is great. I don't think I've really read much from her since, I think I should try to fit in some more of her books on my to-read list.

Find my review HERE

For Fallon Soraya Naomi

For Fallon by Soraya Naomi

I don't know where the heck I've been to not have read this author, but I'm so glad I crawled out from under that rock! If you like mafia romance with plenty of action, intrigue and feels, you can't go wrong with any book from the Chicago Syndicate series. Start with this one.

Find my review HERE

Razing Grace Amo Jones

Razing Grace Part 1 by Amo Jones

Holy Smokes!! I'd like to start this off by saying that I NEED BOOK 2 NOW!!!! It was mayhem, distraction, dysfunction, and tons of feels. It was a mess, but a beautiful mess. And if you're into that sort of thing, you can't go wrong with this book.

Find my review HERE

Deathless & Divided Bethany-Kris

Deathless & Divided by Bethany-Kris

When it comes to mafia romance, Bethany-Kris brings it! I've said it before and I'll say it again — Bethany-Kris is one of the best writers of mafia romance I've ever read from. She gives you guts and glory, suspense and drama, romance and love and everything in between. I couldn't be happier to have found her books and if you're looking to give her a try, start with this one.

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