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Series Review // Uncovering You by Scarlett Edwards

March 04, 2024

Hello and Happy Monday!

Today's flashback is the Uncovering You series by Scarlett Edwards. I read and reviewed these books back in 2015 and enjoyed myself (as far as I can remember). It was only some time after I completed this series that it was released as a boxset. So those later (lucky) readers got to get the whole story in one shot!

It's a captive/captor story with BDSM elements. If that's not your jam, skip it. However, if it is, I hope you give it a try. And if you've already read it, did you like it too?

About the series: When I wake up in a dark, unfamiliar room, I have no idea what's waiting for me in the shadows. My imagination conjures up demons of the worst kind.

Reality is much worse:

A collar with no leash. A prison with no walls. And a life stripped of meaning.

I am presented with a vile contract and asked to sign. It outlines the terms of my servitude. The only information I have about my captor are the two small letters inked at the bottom:


Armed with only my memories, I must do everything I can to avoid becoming ensnared in his twisted mind games. But in the end, it all comes down to one choice:

Resist and die.

Or submit, and sign my life away.

1. The Contract

Rating -

The story is interesting so far. I'm really just interested in finding out Jeremy's motives for holding Lilly captive. However, I absolutely cannot stand Lilly and I'm disappointed that the story is told in her voice.

Words to describe Lilly: narcissistic, entitled, spoiled, ungrateful, rude, etc. She is too cool for you. Too smart for you. Too good for you. That's all I kept reading that the actual words of the book were just background. The only thing that really stuck out in this story was Jeremy so I will continue to read for his sake.

2. Submission

Rating -

So my opinion of Lilly hasn't improved that much. I do admire her false sense of bravery and determination, but really... how much can you accomplish when your every endeavor is dictated by your captor? I sometimes wondered if she was just a glutton for punishment, with the way she purposely put herself in a situation that incurred discipline.

I would not be trying to aggravate Mr. Jeremy. He sounds scary!

Ah well, I'm still in it for Jeremy. I'm intrigued enough to keep reading to find out what drives him. I in no way condone non-consensual anything, however, this is fiction so the more twisted the better.

3. Resistance

Rating -

Poor Lilly. I really like the way this writer writes. She sets the stage so eloquently that I feel like I'm actually witnessing it, not just reading it. The ways that Jeremy torments Lilly are truly amusing to me. Hey, I never denied that I have a twisted mind lol. He even used kindness and tenderness to confuse her. And really why did she think she could outwit the man? Not only does he have 20 years of living experience on her, but he's extremely successful, a pursuit she hasn't achieved yet. He got to the top for a reason. And she's nowhere near his league. So her delusions are amusing to me as well.

My favourite scene was when Jeremy made Lilly eat the dove while he tossed its head back and forth like a ball. Hilarious!!

4. Retribution

Rating -

I had to rate this book higher because things just got interesting. If you don't wanna know, please don't read further because my review might spoil it for you.

Is Jeremy serious??? I know it isn't technically cheating because he and Lilly aren't in a relationship, but c'mon!! He's riding her bareback! That right there is reason enough not to involve someone else's privates!! And then to further torture her by forcing her to listen to them was a step too far, even for me. I felt so bad for Lilly. Here she is thinking that maybe she and Jeremy share a connection, but he's having sex with a "free" woman and it even involves loving murmurs (something she doesn't share with him). I just couldn't believe him because I honestly thought he really wanted Lilly underneath it all. But she seems expendable :(. I really wonder what his motives are now after this shocker.

He treats her really disrespectfully and I'm not sure if there is even a potential HEA for these two. How could there be? The things he's done are pretty unforgivable. Now he's subjecting her to the same mental torture as he did in the beginning (leaving her in one spot in the dark), and he still expects to take advantage of her body. WTF is going on???

5. Confessions

Rating -

Oh my goodness!!

It's official... Jeremy is truly a sociopath. Now because of this revelation (that really isn't a surprise), I'm not surprised that Lilly cannot differentiate the truth from a lie. The things he's willing to do, the secrets he keeps, the way he manipulates, everything he does makes me doubt his sincerity. However, the fact that he removed her shock collar makes me second guess his feelings and whether or not he can change.

I feel so bad for Lilly because there is no way to predict his behaviour or reactions.
Walking on eggshells isn't easy.
There are still 5 more books in the series. I cannot even fathom what they will reveal.

6. Deliverance

Rating -

This author's writing has me all twisted up inside! Every time I think things are going one way, they take an unexpected turn.

Is this side of Jeremy real? Does he really love Lilly? Considering the truth revealed at the end, could his feelings all be a lie? Part of his revenge plot? Holy moley!

First he removes the collar. Then he burns up the contract. But is it all for naught? How can Lilly ever trust that his action, words, or motives are pure? After everything he's done, I think everything he does is suspect.

I'm waiting for the other shoe to drop because I know there are more nefarious deeds that he's committed that have yet to be revealed. I'm on to the next book to find out more.

7. Resurrection

Rating -

I really liked this installment. It just goes to show that Jeremy or Mr. Stonehart or whatever you want to call him is as devious and manipulative as ever. Just when you think you have an understanding of the situation, as you think you've got it all figured out and there's no more secrets... BOOM! Another twist is revealed. I love how he plays with Lilly's mind. I was even somewhat convinced that maybe she was losing her sanity.

I like the sweet glimpses we get of Jeremy.
I do believe he loves her, but it's not a hearts and flowers kind of love.
It's dark, twisted, obsessive, etc.
But I'm eager to see how it plays out and if there will be a HEA in the end.

8. Redemption

Rating -

I'm not sure what to make of this installment. Ms. Edwards has woven an intricate tale of captivity, secrets, betrayal, manipulation, and has twisted and corrupted my damn brain! I love Jeremy. The only thing really missing is his pov but I guess that would defeat the purpose of the story. All of these secrets, lies and devious machinations would be revealed all too quickly.

I want to know what is going on with his father and what he wants from Lilly. What was in the second envelope?

Also, Jeremy informs her that she was in a coma for weeks. And that she has brain damage. But her reaction wasn't realistic at all! I'm not a fan of Lilly. I think that has been established and this book did her absolutely no favours. Especially with her behaviour towards her friends.

Ah well, on to book 9 and more Jeremy.

9. Liberation

Rating -

I swear, every time I think I have a handle on the plot, something else happens to throw me off.

Jeremy's evil mind knows no bounds. His devious plans are limitless it seems. I want to call him a sociopath, but I actually believe that he truly loves Lilly. I guess it's best to list his sociopath qualities rather than fitting him with a label. He's definitely apathetic. The way he clinically decides to drug, abuse, and manipulate Lilly is coldblooded.

The scene of Russian Roulette was insane. And now that Lilly has decided to stay by his side, Jeremy finally shows her how completely corrupted he is. I want to know what his ultimate plan is for Charles, Rose and Hugh.

10. The Finale

Rating -

This book deserved every one of its 4 stars!! It was a crazy, incredible journey and definitely the best book out of the entire series!!

After being free from captivity and falling in love with her captor, Lilly is captured again... by Jeremy's enemies. And what she suffered while Jeremy's prisoner was a walk in the park in comparison. She was brutalized by his enemies. I can't think of a better word to describe what she endured. It was brutal, sadistic, cruel, inhumane... And the author wrote the scenes so powerfully that once again I felt like I was witnessing it instead of reading it.

In this book we get to read Jeremy's pov finally and it was amazing. The growth of this man made him that much more wonderful to me. I already loved him. This just made me appreciate him more. His love for Lilly knew no bounds and the lengths he went through to rescue her, both during her captivity and the resulting aftermath, were astounding. The resulting "craziness" told from Lilly's pov were written so eloquently that I really could imagine her losing her mind. It seemed that real.

I'm just glad that there's a book 11. Thank you very much for that Scarlett Edwards because if not for that I would be stalking your a** with some crazy messages for having the audacity to end this series with a damn eyelid flutter.

11. The Lost Chapter

Rating -

This book may seem like a whole bunch of nothing, which it is, but in the bigger picture it's about a lot. It's about what happened after that damn eyelid flutter. I get why the author chose to fast forward the story 14 months. It bypasses Lilly's struggle through all types of therapy. Waking up from a coma after a year sure cannot be easy. Muscle atrophy alone would be a hurdle to leap over.

This book gives closure on the love story between Jeremy and Lilly. Not once did the cold Mr. Stonehart make an appearance, much like he didn't in book 10. The change in him is surreal because his moods were so unpredictable, something I kind of relied on in a weird way. Now he's all about Lilly: his love in her, his faith in her, his respect for her... It was honestly a bit boring. Ah well, I needed my HFN and got that. Welcome to the fold Mrs. Stonehart!