Dual Cover Reveal: Bound & Freed by Stephie Walls

Cover Design: Cover Me Darling



I want to prove my worth, show them what I have.
I may be flawed; we all are.
But I'm smart, driven, and ready to take on the world.
No one needs to know the rest.
I wasn't counting on him, couldn't imagine someone like him coming into my life.
The blue eyes, the chiseled body, the man I can't resist.
Truthfully, I have no plans of ever resisting him.

When Darkness Falls by Ellen Chauvet

  Title: When Darkness Falls
Series: The Vampire Redemption Series #1
By: Ellen Chauvet
Publication Date: March 17, 2016
Publisher: Relentlessly Creative Books
Genre: PNR/Urban Fantasy
Cover Designer: Jun Ares

A strong-willed Southern woman living her dream life in Paris, Lexie Miles is devastated when her best friend Emma is brutally murdered by vampires. From that moment her “dream life” begins to crumble. She discovers that not only was Emma living a double life, but her boss Tom Grant is as well.  She is plunged into a 500 year old secret that takes her on an unimaginable path.  When her mother, Cassie, comes to Paris for her thirtieth birthday, Lexie is bequeathed with a birthright that gives her super being abilities and the dubious gift of being the “Chosen One”.  Her entire life has been a lie, and she is pissed.

Cover Reveal: Extra Innings by Michelle Lynn

Extra Innings by Michelle Lynn
An Infield Novel
Genre: Standalone New Adult Romance
Release Date: April 10, 2017


I’m the crazy fun one. Pedal to the floor, balls to the wall, party all weekend guy.

The guy everybody calls for laughs and a good time.

And I always deliver.

So, when Ainsley Winslow and I made a pact for a summer fling, I was all in.

What hot-blooded college male doesn’t jump at the chance for a no strings attached relationship? Not this one.

Cover Reveal: Plus One by Aleatha Romig

New York Times and USA Today bestselling author Aleatha Romig is showing us a lighter side in this new fun, sexy new stand-alone, PLUS ONE releasing on May 16th! We are so thrilled to share this fabulous cover to you today.


A fun, sexy new stand-alone from New York Times bestselling author Aleatha Romig.

He's sexy and confident, the kind of man every woman notices. You know, the one with the to-die-for body and panty-melting smirk. And then there's the way his designer suits drape over his broad shoulders and big...well, we've all heard the rumors, the ones that say he's up for any challenge.

Own It by M. Dauphin

Own It by M. Dauphin is LIVE!!

Amazon: http://amzn.to/2nxAlQD
Goodreads: https://www.goodreads.com/book/show/34105963-own-it
Book trailer: https://youtu.be/ed2AZ1J8Nrg

You know what sucks? Cancer. Cancer sucks.
Especially when it takes a young life. Like the life of my five year old son. You want to know what I have to say about that? Nothing. Absolutely nothing because I don’t have the drive anymore. There’s nothing left in me except emptiness. That much is obvious. I’ve lost my car, my career, and my apartment. At least I have my brother. Actually, I just have a place to stay because of my rich, single brother.

Cover Reveal: Bed of Lies by Niquel

Title: Bed of Lies
Series: Bed of Lies Vol 1
Author: Niquel
Genre: Dark Erotic Romance Stand alone
Release Date: April 14, 2017
PreOrder: $0.99 

I used to be naïve.
I used to think monsters didn’t exist.
I used to think I was safe, untouchable, and free from harm. 

Boy was I wrong...

Cover Reveal: Woman Named Red by Stasia Black

Cover Design: Heather Anastasiu
Release Date: April 20, 2017


Yeah, I’m the guy from the famous docu-drama Kennedy Benson: A True American Rags to Riches Story. But they only got the sanitized version of the story. You don’t get to be the rich and powerful bastard that I am by being Mr. Nice Guy. No, I got to where I am by ruthlessness and hard work. And I’m still only a princeling of the San Francisco club and hospitality scene. I’m not stopping till I’m king. Nothing will derail my focus.

Until I meet her.


Review: Body of The Crime

Body of The Crime Body of The Crime by R. Scarlett
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Many people have asked if my opinion of Molly changed while reading this book and I must admit that she redeemed herself a little bit. I actually didn't hate her. I still didn't love her, but that didn't stop me from loving this story.

Once again it was Tensley who owned my heart. The author did a remarkable job of humanizing this fierce demon and I loved watching the battle that was being waged within him. As his heart grew, he was fighting against everything he knew. He was on the cusp of breaking the rules, all for Molly. To me, that's what made this installment so amazing.

I liked many elements of this story: how Molly has better control of her powers; how she and Tensley have started to step up as partners and are slowly learning to lean on each other; the twist that I totally saw coming regarding Molly's time with the hunters (although I didn't expect how brilliantly the author would let it come about); the injection of more evil; and funny enough I even enjoyed the comic delight that was Evelyn. I'm sure she wasn't supposed to be funny but she was pathetic, which made me laugh.

I didn't like that Tensley allowed himself to be turned on by Evelyn. Why put himself in those situations? I didn't like that Molly was still too immature at times. See, that's only two things so obviously I enjoyed the ever-loving heck out of this book. Now I'm left twiddling my thumbs until the next one.

Release Date: January 30, 2017
Genre: PNR
POV: Dual - 3rd person
Steam: 3.5 out of 5
Book Type: Book 2 of the Blackest Gold series

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Cover Reveal: RIPPLE EFFECT by Evan Grace

Cover Design: Hart & Bailey
Release Date: April 24, 2017


Ripley Brown had the kind of love that would last a lifetime.
Until the night it died a tragic death, leaving her reeling and obliterating her ability to trust another man with her heart.

Brock James grew up in a home filled with violence and hate.
He vowed never to be like his father, until the night he became even worse than the man. The night he destroyed everything.

Blog Tour: THE HARD TRUTH ABOUT SUNSHINE by Sawyer Bennett


 The Hard Truth About Sunshine AMAZON
New York Times bestselling author Sawyer Bennett has written her most gripping and poignant tale yet. Provocatively heart-breaking, audaciously irreverent and romantically fulfilling, The Hard Truth About Sunshine exposes just how very thin the line is between a full life and an empty existence.

Despite having narrowly escaped death's clutches, Christopher Barlow is grateful for nothing. His capacity to love has been crushed. He hates everyone and everything, completely unable to see past the gray stain of misery that coats his perception of the world. It's only after he involuntarily joins a band of depressed misfits who are struggling to overcome their own problems, does Christopher start to re-evaluate his lot in life.

What could they possibly learn from one another? How could they possibly help each other to heal? And the question that Christopher asks himself over and over again... can he learn to love again?

BAD BAD BAD by K. Webster

Bad Bad Bad

by K. Webster
Publication Date: March 30, 2017
Genres: Taboo Hotness
***Two novellas for the price of one and available for free in Kindle Unlimited***

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Two interconnected stories. Two taboo treats.

Brandt’s Cherry Girl

He’s old enough to be her father.
She’s his best friend’s daughter.
Their connection is off the charts.
And so very, very wrong.
This can’t happen.
Oh, but it already is…

Sheriff’s Bad Girl

He’s the law and follows the rules.
She’s wild and out of control.
His daughter’s best friend is trouble.
And he wants to punish her…
with his teeth.


Just An Illusion - The B Side (Illusion Series - Book 2)
Cover Design: Regina Wamba / Mae I Design and Photography
Release Date: March 30, 2017


Three life-altering months …

That’s how long it’s been since Amelia Greyson joined the Just an Illusion Tour with Bastards and Dangerous. She’s made new friends, embraced her past, and even found love.

Back on the road …

Following a tragic situation, Amelia is determined to hit the road, put her life in order, and finish the book she was hired to write. Mel’s not the only one affected by what happened; the men of BAD are all trying to move forward, not wanting the past to ruin the remainder of their farewell tour.

Cover Reveal: CHECKMATE BOXED SET by Kennedy Fox

Title: Checkmate Boxed Set 

Series: Checkmate Duet (Travis & Viola)

Titles Included: Checkmate This is War & Checkmate: This is Love 

Author: Kennedy Fox 

Genre: Contemporary Romance 

Trope: Enemies to Lovers 

Photographer & Designer: Sara Eirew 

Release Date: April 5, 2017


Travis King is the worst kind of asshole with good looks and enough confidence to last two lifetimes.
Viola Fisher is a goodie two shoes know-it-all who prefers fictional love stories over her own.
The only thing they have in common is their mutual hatred for each other.

She’s had a secret crush on him since she was ten but Travis has always made it very clear the feelings aren’t mutual. He’s cruel, crass and takes every opportunity to get under Viola’s skin. She’s smart, beautiful, and too good to be true. Hating him is her religion but needing her is his.

PLAYIN' DIRTY by Paige Steele

BannerPlayin Dirty Ebook
Title: Playin' Dirty
Series: Beautifully Dirty Series #6
Author: Paige Steele
Genre: Sports Romance
Release Date: March 30
Jesse Anderson didn’t grow up wanting to race, but after getting his first dirt bike, he knew the track was where he belonged. He may be the youngest amongst his friends, but he’s mature beyond his years from what he’s been through already. He finds himself having the family he never thought he’d have, guys that are both his teammates and best friends, and Maddie, his best ‘girl’ friend. Their friendship means everything to him, SHE means everything to him. Nothing makes him happier than seeing her smile, but unfortunately he’s holding a secret he knows will only break her heart, and it’s a risk he’s not sure he’s willing to take. 

Cover Reveal & Preorder: A HANDFUL OF FIRE by Alexis Alvarez


We are in LOVE with this cover of A Handful of Fire by Alexis Alvarez!
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handful of fire sample cover2

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Cover Reveal & Preorder: LOW BLOW by Kristen Hope Mazzola


Low Blow by Kristen Hope Mazzola releases on April 18th!
Check out the HOT cover and PREORDER NOW for only 99c!

Release Date: April 18th
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Cover Model: Josh McCann


ONLY 99c! Price goes up on release day!
Amazon US: http://amzn.to/2nvc3a3
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Review: Beyond Bruised

Beyond Bruised Beyond Bruised by Annie Hughes
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Lydia Baker was a trip and through this story, I was along for her ride. In Beyond Repair, she was living out loud, but due to her father's torment and what she factors in as her burden on those she loves, in this book she starts hiding. She says and does and is the "normal" person she deems that everyone needs her to be. And she's slowly dying inside.

Between her and Callum, who in my opinion was a changed man, one I came to really like and respect, I didn't know who I cared for more. They were both phenomenal characters in this book. Lydia with her own brand of crazy and Callum with his compassion and understanding, loving her right through it all.

My only real disappointment with this story was the lack of details with regards to the horrors Lydia faced growing up with her father. It's alluded to but it was still too vague. Then again, I have a dark and depraved mind and hungered to examine each wicked facet of her father's cruelty but not every reader is looking for that. Also, some of the language used kind of threw me off pace. For example, every time I read the word "whilst" instead of "while", it would cause my brain to stutter. I literally had to pause for a second, get my bearings, and then continue.

Overall, this was an enjoyable journey with amazing characters and I'll definitely be on the lookout for more books from this author.

Release Date: March 4, 2017
Genre: Contemporary
POV: Dual - 1st person
Steam: 3.5 out of 5
Book Type: Book 2 of the Broken Girl series

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Review: Beyond Repair

Beyond Repair Beyond Repair by Annie Hughes
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

I can honestly say that I've never met someone quite like Lydia before, but I wish I had. She was awesome to read about. She was funny, quirky, smart as heck, self-aware, and she had a mental illness. Unfortunately that illness was starting to rule her life and we, the readers, had front row seats to her suffering. Luckily throughout it all she had an amazing support network with her BFF Kate, Kate's husband, Joe, her Uncle Roy, and surprisingly... Callum. I say surprisingly because at first he came off as judgmental and had to have his blinders forcibly removed. Once he came to appreciate Lydia and her limitations, he became a huge part of her circle. Sadly, none of them were able to truly help her.

I can't wait to dive in to book two. I need to know the true extent of the evil Lydia had to endure from her father. Were her meds being messed with? I feel like there's a lot of deception hidden within the plot and I hope it all comes to light in the next book. Did anyone else think her doctor was acting fishy??? I'm also hoping for something romantic to FINALLY spark between Callum and Lydia. There's a heck of a lot of chemistry so I'm expecting big things *hint hint*

Release Date: February 9th, 2016
Genre: Contemporary
POV: Dual - 1st person
Steam: 3.5 out of 5
Book Type: Book 1 of the Broken Girl series

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Cover Design: Cover Me Darling
Release Date: March 29, 2017


Once, I was nothing.
Hungry, abandoned, wandering, and alone. An adolescent street rat fighting for crumbs.
Then a chance encounter changed my entire world.
A man in an expensive suit asked me how much my life was worth.
I didn't have an answer, because I didn't know.
He asked if I thought it was worth killing for for.
Impulsively, I said yes...

He found me, then fostered me, and in the interim turned me into a killing machine. A modern day La Femme Nikita.

Now, I only have one mission. To avenge the death of the man who saved me.

Cover Reveal: ROUGH AROUND THE SOUL by Maria Monroe

Take a look at this HOT cover for Rough Around the Soul by Maria Monroe!
Release Date: April 18th
Cover Designer: Okay Creations
RATS Amazon

ADD TO GOODREADS: http://bit.ly/2mN37ja
Enter the giveaway on Maria's page: www.facebook.com/MariaMonroeAuthor

Gritty. Sexy. Taboo.

Melanie Cannon is troubled, desperate, and only eighteen. Taking the fall for a friend, she’s forced into a drug education class, which she expects to be boring as hell. Until Detective Jake Beck walks in as her instructor.

Jake knows it’s a mistake to get involved with a high school senior.


  Title: Dirty Confessions 
By: Jasmine Red
Publication Date: March 29, 2017
Genre: Erotic Romance

This is not a love story.
This is about a man and his obsession with a woman who’d he’d hurt long ago.
This is about his journey.
The sexual adventures he embarked on that led him away, and then back to her.
This is romance,
if it was lathered in lust and warm moans and whispered under silk sheets in a candle lit room.

Cover Reveal: WITHOUT WORDS by Delancey Stewart

We are absolutely OBSESSED with the cover of WITHOUT WORDS by Delancey Stewart! Check it out below and find out more about this incredible book releasing from Entangled in May!



Available May 22nd
Sometimes love speaks for itself…
After an accident in the line of duty, firefighter Roberto DeRosa’s life is turned upside down. His career fighting fires is over, and he’s left with an uncertain future and an injury that makes communicating difficult for him. The only time words flow easily is when they’re lyrics and he has a guitar in his hands. Talking to women is definitely out, especially if they have bright blue eyes that seem to see right into his soul.

Cover Reveal: MATCH MADE by Amelie S. Duncan

Match Made

by Amélie S. Duncan
Love and Play #2
Publication Date: April 10, 2017
Genres: Adult, Contemporary, Sports, Romance

All over Broadway, my name is up in lights. From New York to London, the words ‘Gemma Sinclair’ are synonymous with up-and-coming fame, and a super-fast rise to success.

Yeah, well, super isn’t how I feel…

Between my deadbeat addict of an ex-boyfriend and the stress of my parents relying on me back home—sometimes I feel like the ground beneath my feet is slipping away.

Until I crossed paths with Knox Callahan, the hot and sexy as hell veteran player for the New York Football Club—and a total player when it comes to women. A year after our disastrous first date, I’m still in no position to have anything to do with a guy like him.